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An Introduction to Diggers Factory

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Vinyl With Diggers Factory Logo

Now more than ever the two most crucial ways to release your music is with digital streaming and on vinyl. If you are truly passionate about music you understand how important vinyl records are and how momentous it feels to release your album on vinyl. It's not merely a nostalgic come-back to replace the CD market, it is the perfect format for taking your precious time to appreciate and listen to a work of art. It's never been simple or cost effective for independent musicians to release vinyl, but maybe now it finally is, introducing Diggers Factory- a vinyl on demand network that offers artists and labels the opportunity to produce records with the help of the community.

Vinyl on Demand

The vinyl on demand solution is a basic crowdfunding platform in which you must reach a pre-order objective that will gather enough money to cover the cost of the production. The great advantage with Diggers Factory is that you can even start out with 50 orders instead of the standard 300 orders that most boutique vinyl factories require. Of course you can order as many vinyl records as you like but many independent musicians who order several hundred vinyl records for their record release often end up with a box of unsold records just sitting around in storage a year or so later. I'm not speaking from experience at all.

More Benefits

The benefits of the Diggers Factory service include not only the fact that they provide everything in one place (Mastering, Pressing, and Distribution) but that you remain the sole owner of your work. You keep 100 percent of your intellectual property rights because Diggers Factory is only an intermediary between you, industry professionals and your fans. If you’re an independent musician you know the value and the significance of not just handing away the rights to your work to the industry just to be able to produce your record. The entire process is streamlined to be easy and transparent and you can create and manage your entire campaign project from the Diggers Factory website.

Campaign Calculations

Diggers Factory charges only a 15 percent commission on the sales if the project is successful. You'll never have to spend a cent if you don't reach the pre-order objective. You set the sales objective and the campaign duration (between 20 and 60 days). What makes it so efficient and effective is that you can estimate all of the production costs beforehand and be certain that there is no financial risk involved. Only your community is involved and that is what makes it all the more engaging.

To add to the benefits, iMusician is starting a partnership with Diggers Factory and we offer our customers a 5% voucher code to save on commission (paying 10% commission on completed project instead of 15%). With this vinyl on demand service you will already have all the records you will produce completely paid for, before they are even made.

Screenshot Diggers Factory Website

Get Started

Visit the Diggers Factory website and check out all the more detailed information they provide about their unique vinyl on demand service plus explore their marketplace and you may be pleasantly surprised at the recordings they are producing and re-issuing on vinyl, such as Radiohead's OK Computer for example.

We also recommend checking out this YouTube video of the Finnish artist FANU talking about his experience working with Diggers Factory, he has already released two vinyl on demand projects using their service and he seems pretty happy about it. If you are a member of iMusician's digital platform this may be the perfect solution for releasing your albums on vinyl as well.

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