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Artists Can Now ‘remix’ Youtube Videos Into Shorts

  • Martina
  • 29 February 2024, Thursday
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Remix YT Videos into Shorts - iMusician

The significance of short-form video content has been growing considerably. This is why YouTube has now introduced the ability for users to ‘remix’ their YouTube music videos and turn them into Shorts, reportedly aiming to challenge the dominance of TikTok.

From a video right into a Short

The rising tension between the two giants, YouTube and TikTok, has been truly palpable lately. However, after the whole Universal Music Group catalog has been pulled out of TikTok, the platform might be getting into some real trouble.

YouTube’s timing of releasing the new feature that may further challenge TikTok is, therefore, more than perfect. To transform a regular video into a short-form video, artists can visit any music video on YouTube and simply tap the ‘Remix’ button. A video might only be unavailable when an artist or a label has opted out of the feature.

Once you get into the ‘Remix’ mode, there are a few tools you can use to further perfect your new Short. The ‘Collab’ tool will allow you to showcase the video alongside your own, perfect for dancing trends. Meanwhile, ‘Green Screen’ will enable you to use the video as the background, which is more than suitable for reaction videos. You can also use the ‘Cut’ tool, which will simply cut a 5-second video clip and integrate it into the Short, or the ‘Sound’ tool, which will take the audio from the video.

Overall, the Remix feature is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use feature to create your Shorts. Moreover, YouTube has access to a vast catalog of music that not even Meta and TikTok possess, especially now. While TikTok continues to wear the crown in the number of short-form video views, YouTube might be on a successful path to taking the lead.

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