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Anna iMusician

Let us introduce Anna to you:

What's your job at iMusician?

I enjoy strategizing methods and increasing operational efficiency so that our Artist & Label Relations and Quality Assurance & Delivery teams can both take our artists hand in hand during the release journey and make sure that their music meets the platforms' quality standards.

When and how did you join iMusician?

I joined the iMusician family in 2017 after working in the gaming industry for 7 years in Live Operations between Luxembourg and Germany. In parallel, I was (and still am!) working as a photographer for independent artists creating photographic content for their marketing activities, their online presence, and visibility. So - being a musician myself - I understood and made their daily challenges my own. I then felt the need to join a company whose main mission was to create tailor-made solutions for do-it-yourself artists and labels, making it easy for everyone to sell, manage, secure, and monetize their music.

How is iMusician’s mission important for you?

Nowadays the music industry can be very competitive and discouraging. It is crucial for us to help artists and labels overcome industry monopolies and break into the business.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame during this time?

One of the professional challenges that I've faced that has helped me grow the most has been operating business as usual when a crisis creates anything but normalcy. Keeping a pulse on the teams, practicing active listening, and maintaining honest, consistent, and adaptive communication are a few elements of my role that I am most proud of.

What are the principles you follow at work?

Trust, growth mindset, quality, and inclusive communication

How does iMD support you to keep a good work-life balance?

I benefit from flexible (and greener!) working conditions thanks to which I can boost my productivity and nicely fit my side-job commitments into my free time.

Fun fact about you?

I'm addicted to DIY projects. Send help!

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