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Martina imusician

Let us introduce Martina to you:

What's your job at iMusician?

At iMusician, I work as a Content Writer & Editor. I mostly write articles and guides for our blog, focusing on various topics within the field of music and targeting independent artists and labels.

What is your field of study?

After getting my Bachelor's degree in International Wine Business, I decided to 'slightly' change my field of expertise and am currently doing a Master's degree in Public Relations & Digital Marketing at HMKW University in Berlin.

When and how did you join iMusician?

I joined the marketing team at iMusician at the beginning of February 2022 after a long search for a prospective job opportunity to complement my studies. I've wanted to become a part of the music industry for years and this felt (and still feels) like a dream come true.

What makes you excited to go to work?

Being surrounded by hard-working, creative, and kind people. Although most of the time, we are connected online, iMusician makes a great effort to ensure that all employees know one another, work effectively together, and celebrate each other's strengths and successes. It feels like being part of a team that I'd never experienced before.

What do you love about being a Content Writer?

I think it's the 'never-ending' possibility to improve and learn new things. The variety of music-related topics is huge and writing each article feels exciting.

How important is flexibility for you?

Combining full-time studies and a part-time job can get difficult so the ability to work flexibly at this point is necessary for me. Generally, however, I think that flexibility is very important, allowing people to work in conditions they choose, which oftentimes makes them more productive, effective, and perhaps innovative, as well.

What are the key things you have learned at iMD?

I think many of the key ones have been the importance of always trying to remain creative and innovative and celebrating every teeny-tiny achievement.

Fun fact about you?

I'm not the best swimmer in the world and I have a special ability to swim backwards even when I'm trying to swim in the opposite direction (not sure how that's possible).

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