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YouTube Monetization

Easily monetize your music on YouTube.

How it works

It’s never been easier to tap into YouTube as a revenue stream. With YouTube Content ID, monetize your own uploads and get paid when someone uses your music in their video.

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You get paid for every ad displayed on your videos.

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You get paid when someone uses your music in their video.

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You can whitelist your own YouTube channel, in order to keep control over your channel.

Monetization Dashboard

Empower yourself as an artist

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Youtube Monetization
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"iMusician is a unique music distribution company that specializes in the kind of careful, conscious, hands-on involvement with the artists they distribute in a way that is uber rare in today's climate. In a saturated world where putting out independent music can be daunting and overwhelming; the young, hip, passionate, personable, and approachable music-marketing-guru iMusician staff make putting out music a career building adventure."

Danielle Duval

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"Working with iMusician felt good for us right from the start, so we release our music exclusively through iMusician. We have a personal contact person who knows our music and requirements very well and who supports us professionally at all times."


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"iMusician fits our dynamic release strategy, has a team of competent professionals and impresses with a reliable and transparent service."

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"It's important for me to know the people I'm working with, even more if they distribute my music. That's what I like with iMusician: the team is very friendly and their door is always open to help artists, receive feedback, and enhance their services."



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How can we help you?

This service tracks and collects revenue for artists when their sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube.

On our platform you can choose which tracks you want to collect money on (monetize).YouTube makes a fingerprint of the eligible tracks (digital indicator), and it is sent out over their entire system to find videos where your music is used.We will submit eligible tracks to YouTube and YouTube Content ID system will identify your sound recordings and revenue. The revenue will be collected by us from YouTube and will be deposited in your iMusician account monthly.

Once you have Content ID activated, you can earn revenue from videos that contain your copyrighted content. YouTube will automatically generate claims against other user's uploaded content that is considered a match.

Remember: not all content is eligible for Content ID.

Some examples of ineligible content:

  • Recordings containing uncleared samples
  • Recordings based on free beats or any other publicly available sound files
  • Compilations, unless you have explicit permission from all artists appearing on that compilation
  • Music that’s released under a Creative Commons license
  • Recordings exclusively made with sample libraries (such as Magix Music Maker, GarageBand)
  • Sufficiently indistinct or soundalike content (like karaoke recordings or remasters)
  • Content that may be generic enough to cause false Content ID matches

You can check Youtube's official guidelines here.

Please note that if we can't deliver your tracks to the Content ID program, we will return the paid amount in promotional credits.

If you uploaded your video before the release of your album with us, it can take up to four weeks until YouTube recognises the content. If you upload your video after your music has been released, it is usually monetised within one or two days after the upload.

We don’t upload any videos to YouTube. In order to get your videos on YouTube, please upload them yourself through your channel on YouTube. In case you ordered YouTube Content ID for your release, we will monetise the video on your behalf once it’s uploaded.

If you prefer not to have your own YouTube channel monetised by us, you can exclude (whitelist) your own YouTube Channel so only revenue coming from third party uploads are monetized. In this case, please send us an email with the link to your channel.


Subject: Whitelist

We may have claimed videos from your channel - for monetisation through our Content ID service - before your channel has been whitelisted. If we did, and any of your videos are affected, please send us the links to these videos with the above-mentioned email, so we can then remove the relevant claims.

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