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Artist of the Month: CTRL MOOD

  • 16 August 2021, Monday
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Artista del Mese iMusician agosto 2021 Ctrl Mood

CTRL MOOD is a production, DJ, and live performance duo based in Rome, Italy. Founded in 2020 by Stefano Terzani and Emanuele Licata, the project cultivates a varied musical background across the electronic landscape with the aim of a dynamic and continuous evolution.

What does it mean for you to be independent artists today in the electronic music scene?

On the one hand, it is an opportunity for growth in the management of all the processes behind the publication of a track, in fact, for our projects we have dealt with all aspects, from production to distribution, so as to truly understand how the music market works and be able to make any artistic and communicative decision according to our tastes and needs. On the other hand, we realize that not having a team behind us, which supports us in the management of all aspects unrelated to music production, reduces the time we could devote to the creation of music, thus prolonging the time of release of various projects and the realization of all our ideas.

Ctrl Mood Riot Cover

What is your relationship with streaming platforms?

Streaming platforms for us and for artists in general are now a fundamental aspect for the promotion and distribution of music, especially during this period of pandemic. The opportunity to have an infinite global repertoire allows us with a click to increase our musical culture, but this also has its downsides, in fact the music is often listened to as background and in a disinterested way, it is not recognized the right value and tends to disappear in the sea of proposals that are uploaded daily on these platforms, as if it were "disposable". Despite the importance and the impact that streaming platforms have had on the music market, we think that performing live is essential to create more emotional involvement, a direct connection with the audience and to give the listener the opportunity to better grasp the many facets and peculiarities that we want to communicate with our music.

What are your musical plans and aspirations for 2021?

Ibiza 2022! Jokes aside, our goal is to release all the tracks we have in the pipeline and expand our live set to return to play live with new music. For the next months we have a schedule already defined, very soon we will release two tracks and then an EP.

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