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Artist of the Month: Baba Shrimps

  • 29 July 2020, Wednesday
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The time is right. "You Will Make it Anyway" suits our times, it will touch the hearts of listeners. In these days, we all yearn to show how we feel, to dream, and to start into a new future with confidence. “You Will Make it Anyway” is a tribute to those people who trust in us and give us the confidence, we all need to carry on and live.

Three – very different – friends have found their common ground in music. For more than ten years, Adrian Kübler (vocals, guitar), Moritz Vontobel (drums), and Luca Burkhalter (keys) have been walking through life together, each on their very own road. The Baba Shrimps triangle conveys Adrian’s love for folk music, Luca’s penchant for electronic music, and Moritz’ passion for rock. The band have found their very own sound – pop songs that go beyond conventions and defeat reservations and barriers.

Baba Shrimps album

Often, they tell listeners about their lives in them; stories in heart-warming, generous melodies. The songs Baba Shrimps are about to release represent a symbiosis of three differing characters that have decided to let nothing and no one turn them into something they do not want to be. This musical determination reveals just how connected the members of the band are. Their fans will feel it in every chord and every beat, they will hear it in every line.

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