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4 Free Sample Packs Every Music Producer Needs

  • 02 May 2017, Tuesday
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They capture all the analogue goodness without the price tag. No more choosing between buying food or saving up for that TR-808. Free sample packs make you a better producer—because a musician is only as good as their tools right? Here’s our favourite insider spots to get the sample packs you need.

The Legowelt Sample Kits

Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt) is a production genius. After watching him produce it’s hard to believe that he thinks about anything else. Fortunately for us, Wolfers offers free samples from some of the most iconic (and expensive) instruments. Incredible. Our Favourite: The Yamaha DX-Files.

Download The Legowelt Sample Kits for free.

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Wavy.Audio Free Sample Packs offers a new and diverse sample pack every week. Completely free. Their subscription service allows you to subscribe to their mailing list and get every new sample pack to your inbox as soon as it’s released. You can even submit your own pack and get it featured on the front page with a link to your site. Grab all the packs HERE for free

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Ground Your Sound

If you wanna ground your sound in some seriously superb samples then the free Ground Your Sound sample pack from Cristofer Odqvist and The Pro Audio Files is a must-have. There’s all sorts of useful tools in it—from “Destroyed Drum Machines” to a collection of reverb tails that are perfect for layering. Grab the pack HERE and file it under Pro.

Liveschool Drum Samples & Racks For Ableton

Liveschool offers some great resources for artists including a huge amount of free samples. You have to give a bit of info. But once you’re in, there’s tons to choose from. Grab them HERE.

Our Favourite: Vermona DRM1 Drum Rack

Read more about how to legally clear your samples.

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