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9 Online Classical Music Radio Stations to Explore

  • 12 March 2024, Tuesday
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Classical Music Radio Stations to Explore

Classical music radio stations are popular among musicians and fans alike. Since the choice is large, we have compiled a list of radios recommended by members of classical music online communities.

Classical music radio stations: the paradox of choice

Although radios have been losing listeners to streaming platforms, they continue to remain relevant for audiences and the music industry as a whole. Radio stations are especially popular among classical music enthusiasts, as they broadcast a wide variety of music from different artists in an accessible way.

Classical music radio stations exist in many countries, cities, and regions, making choosing the "right" one challenging. For this reason, we decided to follow the "less is more" approach and pick those that seem attractive to us and popular within classical music forums.

1. Classic FM

Classic FM is a UK-based radio station exclusively dedicated to classical music. With 4.5 million weekly listeners, it is the largest classical radio station in the world. It aims to make classical music accessible to all age groups and integrate it into the modern lifestyle.

Classical FM provides listeners with music news, educational content, and opportunities to discover music from various periods. Additionally, it contributes to classical music education at schools to allow young people to participate.

2. BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 3 is yet another UK-based radio station that broadcasts classical music and opera along with jazz music, art- and culture-related content, and drama. It showcases (live) music from various orchestras and choirs, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Philharmonic.

With around 1,7 million weekly listeners, BBC Radio 3 is less popular than other major radio stations in the UK. However, because of its production value, it remains a relevant source for classical music enthusiasts.

3. KQAC / All Classical Radio

KQAC, or All Classical Radio, is an independent, non-profit radio station that broadcasts classical music and performances. It aims to facilitate appreciation for classical music and provide listeners with knowledge of the genre. Although located in Portland, Oregon, it can be accessed internationally.

4. Classical KING

Based in Seattle, Washington, Classical KING provides listeners with classical music. Next to its regular program, the radio station broadcasts performances of local concerts, invites local musicians to perform during its Friday evening program, and contributes to music education in the region.

On its website, it declares its commitment to fostering diversity, recognizing that “despite the brilliant work of composers and performers of color, classical music remains predominantly white, as a result of its history and structural racism.” To combat these issues, the radio is committed to bringing diverse perspectives into the organization and including diverse voices, communities, and the works of underrepresented musicians.


WQXR is a music station located in New York City exclusively dedicated to classical music. It provides listeners with local (and international) classical music, podcasts, and live performances as part of its partnerships with music institutions.

Its program includes various shows, such as the “Metropolitan Opera Radio Saturday Matinee Broadcasts,” “The New York Philharmonic This Week,” or “McGraw Hill Young Artists Showcase.” Additionally, WQXR aims to foster education and impactful storytelling.

6. Whisperings - Solo Piano Radio

Whispering is a classical music radio that centers on the music of solo pianists. It was launched in 2003 by pianist and composer David Nevue to promote his music and create a space for other solo pianists to showcase their work. Next to being home to over 360 artists, the radio accepts and broadcasts submissions.

Whisperings is appealing not only to those involved in the genre but also to people who want to relax with piano sounds. As Neuve explains: "People are enjoying Whisperings Solo Piano Radio at their jobs, in their homes and on the road with their mobile devices (...) The music has become, for many, a peaceful soundtrack that helps make the stresses of life feel manageable."

Are you, as a classical musician, curious to find out how to get your works on the radio? Our article on how to get your song played on the radio may help you wrap your mind around the process!


Based in Chicago, IL, the classical music radio WFMT has often been mentioned in online communities. Like other stations, it offers access to works from different periods, provides regional content, and presents a broad programming. Its blog allows classical music enthusiasts to learn more about the genre and discover new artists.

8. WRR Classical

WRR Classical is a classical music radio station from Dallas, Texas that is also the second-oldest operating station in the United States. Next to the music itself, it provides listeners with podcasts, playlists, and event overviews. Its programming aims to expose listeners of all age groups to new and old classical music alike.

9. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is a platform that provides music channels across all genres. Although not exclusively dedicated to classical music, the radio contains a classical section with over 60 channels, covering various periods, styles, and approaches. Some examples are “Avant Garde Classical,” “Soloists: Piano,” or “Classical Crossover.” All channels are manually curated and can be accessed for free.

Conclusion: classical music radio stations

Classical music radio stations are a practical, effortless tool for those who want to listen to and discover various classical works. They are also a valid alternative to classical music streaming platforms, although they do not allow listeners to save songs to their libraries. Bear in mind that our list only covers a fragment of classical music radios across the world and that many other options exist that you may resonate with more.

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