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How to make an EPK

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All musicians need a press kit. It’s Bands used to have to post physical copies of their music alongside photographs, bios and reviews, (see our previous post on how to write a great bio) but nowadays your press kit can be digital – just like everything else in the music industry. Here are some tips on how to make your EPK look good and make your band stand out.

  1. How do I actually make an EPK? You can use sites like ReverbNation or SonicBids to host your EPK. However, as we mentioned in our previous blog top online mistakes that musicians should avoid, you don’t have to invest in all the companies that offer services to musicians. These sites can also make you look less professional in a way, due to their own advertising and standardised formats, but they can be helpful if you really aren’t confident with technology, or you want some more gig opportunities and don’t know where to start.You will create a more unique impression if you design your EPK yourself or with the help of a friend and some graphic design software. If you are sending an EPK by email, try not to make the file too big – if it’s a pdf. you can always make a zip. file. Some bands also have a tab for their EPK on their website or blog, which is a good option, as no large files and inboxes are involved – the promoter can simply download or copy and paste the information that they need. You can also burn information onto a CD and send it by post, but this defeats the point a little bit in my opinion. However, it’s good to know that there are different formats, and you may have to be flexible depending upon what the recipient of your EPK wants.
  2. What information should I include? The usual basics are essential: band name, genre, bio, discography, contact information, photographs, quotations from reviews, upcoming tour or gig dates, links to your music, your social media channels, and a music video. An EPK is a CV for musicians, a tool for promoters that helps them to write about your next release, speak about you on the radio, or review you. You need to include the most up to date and relevant information possible. However, don’t make it too long. The person reading your EPK needs to be able to glance at it and get a good impression of your band’s image and sound without too much effort. If you are using an EPK to book shows you might also need to include a set list with timings, and a technical rider. These elements are not always crucial, but you can always save a few different versions of your EPK for different purposes.
  3. How do I make my EPK stand out from the rest? It’s important to consider things like fonts and layout. You should make your EPK reflect your band’s image, as well as being easy to navigate. Creating an EPK is a chance to gather your best evidence and information, and portray your band creatively. Make sure that you choose one of your best songs, and make it available to stream via SoundCloud or your site of choice. Include a few high quality photos. You don’t need to have hundreds, but they have to be the sort of pictures that would look good (and non pixelated) on a poster or a venue’s website. Share some quotations from well respected sources, or ones that describe your music in an interesting and exciting way.The main thing to remember is that music professionals don’t expect every EPK to look the same. Try to be as flexible and relevant as you can. The one size fits all approach rarely works in the music industry. You need to portray your music in the right way to the right people, and this takes a bit of time, research, and creativity.

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