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Spotify Launches new AI Playlist Feature

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Spotify Launches AI Playlist Feature

Spotify has launched a new AI playlist function. The feature allows its Premium users to type in prompts to generate different types of playlists.

AI Playlist by Spotify

Spotify is an excellent tool for music discovery as it allows users to find new artists in many different ways. Among them are its artist, album, and song radios that expose music enthusiasts to new music by automatically generating playlists full of similar songs and musicians.

Recently, the streaming platform has been launching one update after another, including video courses and music videos. Now, it has decided to release yet another feature for its premium users. Thanks to its brand-new AI playlist function, subscribers in Australia or the UK can create playlists by typing in prompts. They can then revise, refine, and specify the playlists by adding further detail, such as “less upbeat.”

But how does prompt writing work? According to the platform, users can use prompts referencing genres, moods, artists, or decades and combine them with places, activities, animals, movie characters, and emojis. Spotify offers two examples to get you started: "sad music for painting dying flowers” and “tracks for horse riding into the sunset.”

The feature is currently still in beta and will be further developed and expanded in the future. Users from Australia and the UK can find them by tapping the “+” button at the top-right corner of their app in their Library.

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