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Why and How to Build an Artist Website

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Why and how to build an artist website - iMusician

Websites are a valuable tool for musicians to create a compelling online presence. They allow artists to present themselves and their music independently from social media platforms and communicate all aspects of their identity professionally and in one place. In this article, we will look at the benefits of launching a website and teach you how to set it up.

Why musicians should build a website

Websites make artists look more professional in the eyes of labels, managers, journalists, and potential collaborators. A website can make your brand and art more accessible to music industry professionals as it summarizes all vital information about you in one place. This is especially important for those who aim to take their music to the next level.

Web pages also give artists more control over their online presence than social media platforms. While it is true that most music discovery happens on social media, a website can serve as an additional tool for music marketing that is independent of changing algorithms.

Moreover, websites allow for more customization. They can be used as centralized hubs for all online activities, including social media and streaming platforms, upcoming shows and live streams, or merch shops. By adding a newsletter button, artists can reach out to their fans directly to keep them updated. In this way, musicians can communicate with their audience in a much more personal and direct way.

How to create an artist website

iMusician’s Artist Pages

There are several ways in which artists can build their own website. Creating one from scratch can be somewhat of a hassle as it involves many steps and often requires support from external professionals. Those who want to simplify the process and save valuable time and money can benefit from iMusician’s music promotion suite and our Artist Pages.

Our Artist Pages are like a website but easier to set up. They are designed exclusively for independent artists who want to establish an online presence, display their releases and videos, publish a press kit, or boost their ticket sales.

Artist Pages are easy to set up and can be used even if you previously distributed your music somewhere else. When a subscription plan gets changed, they don’t expire but simply adjust with the plan. Find out more about how to create and set up your free website in the form of an artist page.

Building a website from scratch

Those who decide to build a website from scratch have to take several steps into consideration. Begin with choosing a memorable and relevant domain name that includes the name you go by as an artist. Domains can be purchased on many platforms, such as

The next step is to choose a website builder (such as WordPress or Wix), thanks to which you can build a website without coding skills. Website builders come with different pricing plans and features, including web design templates. While free plans can be a good start, they also have limitations, which is why you will likely have to upgrade your plan eventually.

While building an artist website, you will have to decide which pages you would like to include and what content you want to showcase. Artist websites usually consist of a home page, news section, biography, music section, video page, tour dates, ticket merch store, and a press section.

They also include an artist’s social media accounts, a YouTube channel, an option to subscribe to a newsletter, and a contact form for bookings, press inquiries, and partnerships. Keep in mind that your home page should include all relevant updates, such as your new releases and tour dates. This way, visitors will immediately know what you are currently up to.

When working on your page, pay attention to the user experience. Your website should be clear, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and optimized for various devices and screen sizes. Although nowadays, it is possible to build a website independently, you might still need the support of a professional web designer who can help you further customize your website. You can find web design experts on platforms such as Upwork or

Once your website is published, add the link to your socials and to your smartlinks to make it more accessible to your fans. Lastly, keep your page up to date so your visitors can easily find out what you’re currently up to.

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