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Artists Services & Publishing at Beatport

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Artists services publishing beatport

Alongside Sentric Electronic, Beatport offers an easy way for producers to increase their publishing royalties.

What is Beatport and Sentric Publishing?

Creators of electronic and dance music have often missed out on royalties – especially on the composition rights side – due to a lack of knowledge and understanding in that community of how copyright works, and the fact that when you create a piece of electronic music there are two sets of rights at play, one in the recording itself, the other in the composition (or ‘song’ if you prefer).

Some collecting societies and music publishers have been making an effort to educate that community in recent years, and that includes Sentric, especially since it ramped up its operations in the dance music space by acquiring a stake in electronic music publisher Black Rock back in 2018.

Through the new alliance with Beatport, the dance music platform will be encouraging electronic music creators to sort out their composition/song rights by signing up to Sentric. It will then log those rights with collecting societies around the world, and also directly license the mechanical rights of those works to a whole load of digital platforms.

The new partnership with Beatport also includes a direct licensing relationship between Beatport and the publisher, similar to how Sentric directly licenses mechanical rights in the works it represents to digital platforms and streaming services.

By directly connecting to collecting societies around the world – and by utilizing direct deals with platforms like Beatport – music creators generally get paid their royalties a lot faster and more accurately than if they just rely on their home collecting society and the collective licensing system.

And, of course, they’ll definitely see an uplift in revenue if, in the past, they’ve forgotten about their composition/song rights entirely. Sentric also points out that dance music labels that get involved in the composition/song rights of artists they sign – which is more common in electronic music – can also benefit from its network and direct licensing deals.

With Sentric Electronic, you retain 100 percent of your copyright and receive 80 percent of the royalties collected, with no sign-up fee. Signing up is easy, and you can leave at any time within 28 days of registering. Simply create a free account, add five tracks to unlock the full publishing platform, and enjoy cutting-edge rights management solutions with hands-on support from dedicated sync and creative teams.

With established artists and labels like Patrice Bäumel, Victor Ruiz, Metodi Hristov, Joyce Muniz, Sincopat, Urbana, and Culprit already on board, you too can boost your track revenue and get back to what’s truly important: spending time in the studio.

How does publishing work at Beatport?

If you are an unpublished artist you can visit the Publishing at Beatport website and get more information about what publishing is and how it works through Beatport and Sentric.

Publishing beatport

There are 3 deal packages:

Online Service

  • 28 day rolling contract
  • Non-exclusive
  • Keep 100% of your copyright
  • You receive 80% of the royalties collected, no sign up fee
  • Bespoke Deals on request. This includes Label deals as well.
  • 80-20 in favour of the artist

12 Months Creative

  • 12 months rolling contract

  • Access to more creative support in the Sentric team

  • 75-25 in favour of the artist

Bespoke deals on request

Terms vary depending on the deal.

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