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How to pitch your music to Beatport (and promote your track)

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How to pitch your music to beatport

For labels to pitch their music to Beatport, they have to initiate the process through their distributor. Each distributor has a different way of accepting the information and passing it over to Beatport.

The first steps to promote your music on Beatport

Normally, a label fills in a form with all release information, marketing material (DJ Support, Industry Feedback, Playlisting, Radio Plays, etc.) and sends it to the distributor, usually 6-8 weeks in advance.

Then the distributor goes through all priority releases that have been pitched to them by all labels, creates another form with releases and their information, and pitches them to Beatport. Then Beatport goes through the final list of releases and provides feedback to the distributor, who then, normally, communicates back to the label with the positive or negative result of the pitch. It is in the Curator's discretion to decide what gets featured on the store, by combining factors like their personal taste and the analysis of data (who is the label, who is the artist, their sales history on the store, their following online, the release’s marketing assets, etc.).

Beatport Charts

For playlist pitching, Beatport doesn't usually accept pitches for playlists like Best New, Weekend Picks, etc. Sometimes Curation does receive emails from the Artist Team for them to consider certain tracks, but there is no specific process in place for tracks to be pitched for playlist inclusion. Those playlists get curated by the team with purely music that they like and believe needs to be highlighted to Beatport customers, with the ultimate goal always being to maximize sales.

Acquire as much marketing information as possible. DJ Support, Radio Promo, Blog Promo, Premieres. Only send over the really relevant information. The most important feedback should be listed first.

Communicate the information to Beatport, directly or through your distributor depending on your deal, for consideration when the Curation team chooses releases for features within their playlists.

Sales are accumulated and royalties are paid to the supplier (distributor or label, if there is a direct deal) on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, depending on the agreed deal.

What are Beatport DJ Charts?

Beatport DJ Charts

DJ charts are user-generated content; Users create them to highlight the music they like, support and play. When the user is also an artist, the DJ charts can be linked to show up on the artist profile of the user. That happens with the help of Beatport's Artist Team, who manually link the user profile with the artist profile, so that every chart the user creates, appears under the Charts section on their artist profile.

What types of Beatport playlists can artists pitch their music to?

Beatport Playlists

Numerous campaigns take place throughout the year and are all curated by Beatport's in-house Curation Team. The majority of these campaigns are thematic, with recent examples of Closing Essentials, B-sides, Peak Hour Tracks, etc.

What strategy should I start with?

When it comes to a release strategy, we usually advise artists to deliver singles prior to an EP or album. This way you can pitch more tracks to official playlists and non-official curators, and be sure to promote your release on a longer timeframe. This is an effective way to grow your fanbase and reach more listeners. If you want to learn more about these strategies, you can read more information on how to release music online and download our release calendar infographic.

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