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Metal Heart

Metal Playlist - Hardcore - Heavy Rock

Metal Heart - iMusician Playlist

Horns up to the aggressive sounds of independent virtuosos from Finland to Japan.

From the craddle of Metal to the heaviest bands of today, headbang to our own selection of old classics and new, independent Metalcore, Hardcore, Death and Grind tracks. Get your track featured now for our metal playlist.

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Do you have questions when it comes to our playlist submission process?

There are no limitations! If you cannot decide which track from your release would best fit the vibe of the playlist, feel free to submit multiple tracks.

There are no limitations! In case you're not sure which playlist your track is best fit for, feel free to submit your track to multiple playlists.

We usually update our playlists once per month. If you can't find your track in the following playlist update please try it again with your next release and don't take it personally – human beings curate our playlists and you maybe haven't met the curator's taste. Since we're receiving a vast number of submissions we cannot contact you in case you're submission was unsuccessful.

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