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Release of the week: VICEPREZ "Juger"

  • 09 March 2022, Wednesday
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Viceprez band photo

VICEPREZ, a brand new band, influenced by bands like Jodie Faster, Youth Avoiders, Black Flag or the Minutemen unveils "Juger". We talked with Flo to learn more about the band and their very first album.

1. Can you tell us about the beginning of VICEPREZ? How was the band formed ? And, why did you choose the name VICEPREZ?

For 10 years, we played with a group called Sport that took up a lot of time but was just as much fun. That ended in 2019 and then Covid hit. I played more music, but we missed the punk rock community because of the societal context. With Nico (from Sport) and Ju (from Young Harts) we started talking about renting a shack for a week to make music together. We had laid the foundations during the summer of 2020 when we had spent a few days in Entre-Deux-Guiers in Chartreuse where we had started to think about the band. We bought a small console and did everything ourselves. Ping pong tournaments, sun, music, it was a lot of fun. We found a little cave-like hut that seemed to have great energy and wrote two or three riffs to get to a common ground. In February 2021 we did the same thing in Borée in Ardeche and invited the same crowd: Doud and Milouze (The Reaction), Pam (The Smudjas), Ju (Young Harts) as well as Nak, Nico, and me of Sport. The idea was to start a collective. During that week in Ardèche, in addition to the traditional ping pong tournaments, we also played a lot of cards. I let you guess which game. It's the one where you can get a truce with a 2 at the end. That's how you get to be Viceprez.

2. We can see that you only have an Instagram page. Is this a strategic choice?

I don't know what works in terms of communication. What do you recommend? [TBC] All I know is that we're not great strategists. Oh yes, I think Nico and Ju are more of a 4-3-3 with the 9 at the top. I like the classic 4-4-2 with active defenders.

3. "Juger" is the first album of this new formation. Can you describe it in one sentence?

In one week we wanted to make a record by having fun, with simple songs by exploring our affinities for bands like Jodie Faster, Youth Avoiders, Black Flag or the Minutemen among many others.

4. Who is Johnny?

An imaginary character to whom we can turn when in doubt or when criticizing human behavior. Good old Johnny. Half seducer, half nerd, half genius, decidedly unethical. I let you find the movie from which the theme song is taken.

5. The cover represents this album very well. Who is the illustrator? Can you tell us more about the conception of this album cover?

Viceprez juger album

The illustrator was created by Marco Imov. We wanted to change from everything we had done before with our bands. The drawing is a direction that we had never explored. We wanted it to represent our week in Ardeche. We gave him some guidelines with photos he made this cover which we really love it. Every detail has a meaning to us.

6. Is it important for a band like VICEPREZ to be on streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Apple in 2022, and if so, why?

The world wouldn't stop turning if we weren't there. We still make our physical releases on vinyl but we also "accept" that most people get their music through streaming and downloads. I like our material, but it's a pain in the ass to track whether it's the records or the platforms in terms of earnings: where do we get our money back? When you release a record and sell it yourself you can answer this question precisely, that's why we will always tend to go towards physical products, it makes us more independent. I'm waiting for someone to discuss this with.

7. What's next for VICEPREZ?

We just recorded our second record. We would like to play. We just have to organize ourselves well with a collective scattered between Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy, Mainz, Forli and Liergues.

Bonus question: How's Borée?

Boree france

Desert. Soothing. Beautiful.

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