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Artist of the Month: Sanescere

  • 29 July 2020, Wednesday
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Could you imagine starting a band with your parents? Sanescere from Düsseldorf did exactly that. Frontwoman Selena got together with her musician parents and developed a unique sound between dark electronica and indie pop rock. You can listen to it now on their second album.

What happened so far: You know how it is, the love for music is already in the cradle for some of us and many musicians call their parents' record shelf a great source of influence. But what is probably rather rare, especially in the indie scene: forming a band with your parents. The 22-year-old Selena from Düsseldorf did exactly that. The result is called Sanescere and the sound of Sanescere is unique just like the band itself.

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We need to add that both parents are also professional musicians. Selena’s mother plays drums and also saxophone when the band performs live. Her father plays all kinds of instruments and produces and writes all songs together with Selena. In 2017 they made their first record, which still had more of a rock music vibe to it.

Now there is a second album called "Liposom" which goes more into a more electronic direction. "Even the first album we already played very differently than on the record, way more electronic and atmospheric. We don't want to get stuck on one genre or vibe and want to move freely," Selena explains. And it is very true, Sanescere's joy of experimentation definitely makes for an exciting sound!

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