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Best Spotify Metal Playlist Curators 2021

  • 31 May 2021, Monday
Spotify metal curators imusician

Metal music was created for dark and dingy venues, but nowadays you can find Metal bands rocking main stages across the globe. If you’re a Metal musician with big stage dreams, getting your music on a Spotify playlist could help you get there. Whether you’re an artist or in a band making Hardcore, Metal, Metalcore, or any other heavy-hitting subgenre, this definitive guide has everything you need to understand the Spotify Metal playlist submission process, and how to connect with independent Spotify playlist curators to expose your music to a brand new audience.

Metal has always been driven by a relentless DIY attitude. Metal artists are passionate about their music — creating their own sound, taking it on the road, and bringing their music to like-minded fans across cities and towns worldwide. This independent mentality is still a huge part of making it in the Metal industry, but now musicians have a lot more than just music to consider: social media presence, digital marketing campaigns, follower numbers, and much more.

Music streaming is a huge part of the modern metal scene. It’s not only a great way to spread the word about your music, but it’s a sure-fire way to help you get discovered. If you want a chance to be discovered by a fresh audience, you’re going to need to have a presence on streaming’s biggest platforms. Spotify playlists are key to making it in the streaming world. The biggest Metal, Black, Grind, and Metalcore playlists are managed by Spotify: playlists like Metal Essentials, Kickass Metal, and Black & Dark Metal. The only way to get your music on those playlists is through Spotify for Artists.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative route, smaller independent playlist editors are paving the way for Metalheads to get global exposure.

Spotify Metal Playlist Submission

Music fans, bloggers, journalists, zines, specialist mags, influencers, and record labels, around the world curate their own Spotify playlists. The follower numbers might not be reaching the dizzy heights of Spotify’s curated playlists, but some independent curators are being followed by hundreds and thousands of music fans.

So, how do you submit your music to an independent Spotify playlist curator? Are there any insider tips to getting your song featured? You can submit your music to get free exposure on independent playlists quite easily. The steps to getting featured do vary, but usually, it only takes a friendly email, a DM on social media, or a simple follow.

If you submit your music to a curator and they ask for compensation in exchange for a spot on their playlist, they are breaking Spotify’s rules. Accepting compensation to influence account or playlist content goes against their policies. Spotify works hard to remove any user-generated playlists that claim to help bands or artists in this way. Our advice: don’t do it.

To get you inspired, we've compiled a list of the top Metal independent playlist curators. These curators leave no subgenre uncovered in the Metal scene, so don’t worry, you’re sure to find the perfect playlist for your music.

Submit Your Music To Spotify Metal Playlists

Cutting Edge Metal - "New Metal Music"

KROD Records - Playlist “Heart Heart Hardcore

WHTYB - Playlist “Hardcore Essentials

High Road Publicity - "All Things Heavy"

iMusician - "Metal Heart"

Starstorm Playlists - Playlist “Metal Training

Disgster Romania - "New Metal Friday"

Eclipse Records - "Metal First"

If a curator offers you a place on their playlist in exchange for money, please be aware that this goes against Spotify’s music promotion guidelines. Spotify does not allow people to sell a playlist or account or offer compensation to influence any content included in their account or playlist.

Spotify routinely removes any user-generated playlists that break any of these rules. In the long run, it’s not worth it. Read more in our article "Fake Streams, Real Dreams".

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