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6 excuses robbing you of valuable rehearsal time

  • 23 November 2018, Friday
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Did you just commit to rehearsing once a week with your band and practice more in your spare time? We’ve been there. Life gets in the way right after you promise and you can’t help it. Do you recognise these 6 common rehearsal excuses? We’ve prepared six hacks to overcome procrastination and help you find more time and space to rehearse if your music equipment allows it.

#1 I live in a shared flat and it’s hard to play after work

Be proactive and agree on a convenient time when you’re “allowed” to disturb your housemates. If you juggle between part time jobs and your only available practice time is when everyone’s asleep, make a pact. If you are upfront and adapt to their schedules, chances are they will understand and you may even be surprised. Falling asleep to a guitar solo once a week may be considered a bonus for some people. In return, of course, make sure you’re considerate when they need a favour, or a free ticket for your next gig!

#2 My partner will kick me out if I play in the morning

Be honest: have you even asked them? As with neighbours and roommates, diplomacy is key to staying in tune with your partner. If time is pressing, scheduling a weekend band rehearsal at home doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Your loved one may actually be OK with it, especially if they’re your biggest fan. After all, there аre worse ways to rise on a weekend, and some of us may actually prefer live music better than the usual annoying wake up tone.

#3 My children leave me virtually no free time

Make the most of your downtime between school runs, work schedule and sleep. Can you spare 20 minutes for practice in the afternoon or right after kids’ bedtime? Do it. Waiting during their swimming lessons or long commute on the train? Use the time wisely. Write new lyrics, or come up with the next music idea to test in rehearsal. Excuses are endless, but so are little opportunities to keep yourself “on-song” every day.

#4 My neighbours will complain

Share your talent. Dare to delight (or annoy) your neighbours in summer. Scan your residential area for suitable outdoor spots to play and be mindful of the quiet times of the day. Prepare to deal with noise complaints by non-admirers, but that’s about the worst you can expect. On the plus side, if you’re lucky you may gather a small crowd of fans who appreciates a little live performance after work. Why miss this cheeky chance to squeeze another small practice round?

#5 I promised to attend a party

Go for it, and better yet, next time throw your own event and surprise guests with a mini living room concert. Social affairs are the lifeblood of a musician’s life, yet, once in a while you may use the opportunity to improvise. Test how a new song is accepted among your friends before a live concert, or if that planned new stage trick to engage the audience actually works. In today’s world of social media you’ll most likely gain a few posts and shares, and have a little “behind the scenes” teaser ready for your fan base.

#6 Busking or playing in the park is not my thing

Expose yourself to audience and practice. Not only will you get more comfortable playing in front of people, but you may also gain a little cash. You don’t even need to expect donations if that makes you uncomfortable, just focus on your act and enjoy. Feel the pleasure of playing out there and observe the reactions of the passers-by. A small gesture or a fun experience may be enough to make your day!

Finally, get comfortable challenging yourself and your band

Adapt and make the most of any given situation as things never go exactly as planned. The more you challenge yourself, the more flexibility and resilience you gain. And more comfortable you become to improvise when the occasion calls for it. Think outside the box and make rehearsal time despite daily challenges. Practice makes perfect, and this is what sets apart mediocre musicians from professionals. Act like a pro and you’ll become one!

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