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More Music to Disappear From Tiktok as NMPA Says No to Renewal

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More Music To Disappear From Tik Tok - iMusician

It seems that Universal’s catalog is not the only music catalog to leave TikTok. According to various sources, the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) has no intentions of renewing its licensing deal with the platform.

What will happen after the deal is over?

In a note emailed to its members, the NMPA, representing music publishing rights for various independent publishers, announced that it does not plan to renew and extend the current licenses or enter a new agreement with TikTok.

As a result, after the current agreement expires on April 30th, indie publishers who wish to continue licensing their music to TikTok will need to approach the platform directly. Meanwhile, the work of those publishers who will not continue licensing their music should be removed from the platform starting May 1.

NMPA also informed its members that it will offer attorney services to members " who want to discuss enforcement options.”

Nevertheless, NMPA’s stance on the licensing deal with TikTok should be no surprise to its members and industry professionals. The company’s CEO and president, David Israelite, has previously shared his support of Universal Music Group (UMG) in its ongoing dispute with TikTok. Most importantly, he has criticized TikTok’s business practices that come at the expense of artists’ fair compensation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the conflict between UMG and TikTok, read our latest news article.

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