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Spotify and Snapchat to launch a new lens for music-sharing

  • Martina
  • 13 February 2024, Tuesday
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Spotify Snapchat Launch - iMusician

A new collaboration has blossomed between Spotify and Snapchat. The two companies have recently teamed up to launch a brand new lens, allowing users to capture themselves and their surroundings to share music in an immersive way.

Taking music sharing to the next level

Listening to a track on Spotify and showcasing it on a different platform is nothing new. In fact, Snapchat users have had the ability to share what they’re listening to on Spotify since 2019. Up until this point, this was only possible by sharing the song information on a static background or a short, official Clip accompanying the song. Now, the platforms are taking music sharing to a whole new level.

With the newly launched feature, 'Share Track Lens,’ one can share a song while capturing themselves and their surroundings on a camera. The shot you take will be displayed on the background of your Snap. Meanwhile, the lens will automatically generate and showcase the track information – including the song title, artist’s name, and cover art — and the link to listen to it in the foreground.

If you’re excited about the news feature and eager to try it out, first make sure that your Spotify and Snapchat apps are both up to date. Next, go to Spotify, select the track you’d like to share, open the share menu, and tap the Snapchat Lens icon. And that’s it; you should be all set! How are the new Snaps coming around?

Share Track Lens Spotify Snapchat

Source: Music Ally

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