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Spotify Jam: a new real-time collaborative feature for up to 32 users

  • Martina
  • 18 October 2023, Wednesday
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Spotify Jam - iMusician

It’s been three years since Spotify started focusing on collaborative features, including Collaborative Playlist and Blend. And apparently, fans loved them very much! As of the last week in September, Spotify reported that users have created over 45 million Blends and in the past month alone, they’ve cumulatively spent more than 200 million hours listening to Collaborative Playlists. No wonder that now, the platform is back with another collaborative feature called Jam.

Jam is a personalised, real-time listening session for groups to tune in together, which builds on the existing social features and combines them with new personalization technology to take the collaborative listening experience to another level. Premium subscribers can invite others to contribute through a shared queue, allowing each member to select songs for real-time listening.

While hosts of Jam playlists must be Premium users, they can invite anyone to the platform – Free or Premium members, or a mix. Unlike Free members, however, Premium listeners can join from wherever they are, whether they’re in the same room or across the world. In total, every Jam session can be entered by up to 32 users.

To get grooving, users select a playlist or a song they like, and click the ‘Start a Jam’ option, accessible via the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen or the three-dot menu within the selected playlist/song. They can also select a device to play on, whether that’s a phone or speaker.

Everyone joining the jam can add songs to the queue, see who added which song, and receive personalised recommendations on their own devices. The playlist management is limited to the host, who has the ability to determine who’s in the Jam, change the order of the tracks, or remove a song that doesn’t fit the collective vibe.

Following Spotify’s beta release of Group Sessions in 2020, Jam is now available for all global Spotify users, allowing them to find a deeper way to connect through artists, songs, and albums.

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