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TikTok Music moves out of beta in 3 new territories

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TikTok Music moves out of beta in 3 new territories iMusician

More than 3 months after TikTok Music was released in Brazil and Indonesia, it has officially moved out of beta in Australia, Singapore and Mexico, where it is now available to the public. The streaming platform, operated by the Chinese internet technology company ByteDance, is thus looking forward to targeting almost 160 million new, potential subscribers.

New territories, new subscribers

The subscription-only streaming service is currently offering one-month free trials to their new customers. Should they extend their subscription, they will pay AU$ 8.99 per month for an individual account in Australia, S$ 7.90 in Singapore, and MX$ 95 in Mexico. However, as indicated on the respective sign-up pages, these promotional prices are expected to increase over time, specifically to AU$ 11.99 ($7.61), S$ 9.90 ($7.72), and MX$ 115 ($6.32) per month.

Introducing new AI tools

Expanding its services is not the only new aspect of TikTok Music. The streaming platform has also introduced multiple new features, including a search tool called Tonik, powered by ChatGP.

As the company has stated, Tonik should serve as a typical search engine via queries, such as artist, album, and song, while also providing additional information about the respective artists, their upcoming gigs, and more.

On top of that, TikTok Music has also rolled out its own collaboration feature called ‘Party In’ which enables groups to listen to music together. Finally, users can now experience the tailored-listening support that incorporates a swipe mechanism, allowing fans to find music based on their mood.

What territories TikTok Music plans on expanding to next is yet unknown. What seems to be clear already now, however, is that the platform is enjoying great popularity in the current territories. There’s little doubt that anything is stopping it from getting bigger and trying to compete with other streaming platforms.

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