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TikTok partners with Spotify and Amazon Music for its new feature

  • Martina
  • 29 November 2023, Wednesday
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TikTok - Add To Music App - iMusician

An exciting partnership has been built between TikTok and some primary streaming services. It was announced earlier this month that the short-form video hosting platform has launched a new feature called ‘Add to Music App’ that lets users save songs they discovered and liked via TikTok on the streaming platforms where they listen to their music.

TikTok + streaming services: a power couple

TikTok’s announcement revealed that the new ‘Add to Music App’ feature is being launched in partnership with major streaming services, including Spotify and Amazon Music. As Music Business Worldwide discovered, the feature is also available on Apple Music. Initially, the feature will be rolled out for UK and US users before hitting other markets.

TikTok has knowingly self-proclaimed itself as ‘one of the world’s best places to discover both new and catalog music, constantly creating viral trends which drive music listening on streaming services.’ According to TikTok’s Global Head of Music Business Development, Ole Obermann, this cross-platform partnership should create an invisible direct link between discovering music on TikTok and then consuming it on a designated streaming platform.

Consequently, this should create more economic value for musicians and rights holders, encouraging listeners to listen to full-length songs on a streaming platform, which they discover on TikTok, thus generating more streams and revenue

Source: TikTok

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