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Top 13 Electronic Music Blogs in 2024

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Top Electronic Music Blogs - iMusician

Many times before, we have championed music blogs as essential sources of industry insights, inspiration, and, frankly, entertainment, too. Notably, in previous articles, we focused on general music blogs and classical music blogs. This time, we’ve compiled a list of the best electronic music blogs for all the artists and fans out there! Let’s have a look at the ones we’ve featured!

1. Mixmag

Mixmag is a British magazine that covers all of dance music and club culture. It was first launched as a print magazine in 1983, notably with the US-American R&B and soul band Shalamar on the cover.

While the print adaptation of Mixmag ceased during the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains a high-quality electronic dance music and clubbing magazine in its sole digital version. You can access electronic music industry news and insights, new music reviews, features and cover stories, as well as tech news and reviews. On top of that, you can use the magazine’s website to search for tickets to live gigs and performances of other electronic music artists.

What we particularly love about it: While all of the content is awesome, we absolutely love the ‘Impact’ column in the Mixmag. The section gives you access to truly inspiring interviews with artists of different genres and from different countries, which will make you get up and create something (at least that’s their effect on us).

2. Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor (RA) was initially established in 2001 as a source of information and news about the Australian dance music landscape. However, as the music website grew, so did its scope of interest. With RA’s founders moving to the UK and opening offices in various locations, the blog also started incorporating the global electronic scene.

Nowadays, RA is an online electronic music magazine and ‘artists and fans’ community platform that features and showcases electronic music, artists, and events worldwide. The company has its headquarters in London, with other offices located in Berlin, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and New York.

It’s safe to say that whatever happens within the global electronic music scene, you will definitely read about it on RA. The magazine provides industry news, music and event reviews, interviews, and features and discusses electronic-themed films and series.

What we particularly love about it: The scope of RA’s content is just amazing! An electronic music encyclopedia with unmatched event tips.

3. Fact Magazine

Launched in the UK in 2003, Fact is a music publication — both online and in print — dedicated to showcasing and celebrating global electronic art. It is important to note that Fact’s focus is not solely music.

While it features written music content — mainly in the form of artist interviews — it also showcases immersive art exhibitions, live performances from the 180 Studio, documentaries, various electronic music production video series, and long-running mix and DJ sessions. Fact also produces a large-format bi-annual print magazine, previously discontinued in 2008 but relaunched in 2020.

What we particularly love about it: If you’re generally interested in the art and culture surrounding electronic music, Fact is the go-to platform for it! Many of the exhibition videos touch upon important topics, such as nature protection or navigating the age of information.

4. Attack Magazine

Attack Magazine stands out with its focus on providing artists, DJs, and producers with tips and tricks for enhancing their skills and production techniques. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional, you will find tutorials and guiding content to help you elevate your art.

The magazine is also known for its latest tech news and reviews, features and interviews, long reads, song analysis, and dissections, all intended to give artists guidance, help, and support.

What we particularly love about it: You can get insight into the newest tech developments and watch tutorials on how to apply them. The ‘Passing Notes’ section gives you access to valuable tips and notes on how to improve your composition and production techniques, gain more theoretical and practical knowledge, or incorporate other genres into your art (and much more).

5. iMusician — the electronic music section

Our iMusician blog is dedicated to featuring a wide range of content across a variety of topics, categories, and genres, including electronic music. We aim to provide the best guidance and support in your music journey as an independent artist, whether you’re just starting out or have an established career.

In our electronic music section, you’ll find articles and guides on the recording, production, distribution, release, copyrights, and promotion of electronic music, including all the (not only) tech tips and tricks you may need to enhance your knowledge and improve or maintain your skills.

Additionally, you get more insights into the electronic music and club culture scenes, allowing you to discover clubs and festivals around the world, learn more about various electronic music genres, and deep-dive into the latest trends and stories from the field.

What we particularly love about it: Difficult to stay unbiased here, right!


FUXWITHIT is a music blog, a record label, and an apparel line with merchandise all in one. The multifaceted platform has two main targets — electronic and hip-hop music, with trap, bass, and rap prevailing among other genres.

The blog includes articles, music reviews, interviews, guest mixes, and features. All of the content is quite nicely written, with articles being shorter and more straightforward and features providing more insights into the industry and other artists’ works and careers.

7. Decoded Magazine

Decoded Magazine describes itself as a ‘global online magazine supporting and nurturing underground dance music.’ The collective of artists, journalists, label owners, DJs, promoters, and music lovers takes pride in accommodating a platform for all kinds of electronic music (not just EDM) and providing space for thoughtful and provoking narratives.

The blog divides its wide range of content into various sections and sub-sections, covering industry news, tech news, interviews, music and event reviews, feature articles, and stories from the UK and electronic music scenes. Readers can also enjoy articles on the culture surrounding electronic music, delving into lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel topics.

What we particularly love about it: The Decoded Magazine offers a truly unique content variety, deep-diving into a broad range of topics and themes both inside and outside music (also read articles on fashion, traveling, or culinary within the area of electronic music). Additionally, the site is very well-structured and organized, making it easy for readers to find what they are looking for.

8. We Rave You

Unlike Decoded Magazine, We Rave You focuses primarily on electronic dance music. Founded in 2012, it is now one of the most prominent and reputable online sources in the industry, visited by over a million fans and readers every month. Similarly to previous blogs, We Rave You covers a wide range of content, spanning reports on industry news, editorials, interviews, tech and regular features, music reviews, and events.

In addition, readers can select from a long list of sub-genres, from house to techno to trance and drum and bass, explore music, and read articles dedicated specifically to what they like and are interested in.

What we particularly love about it: For us, We Rave You is a true guide for global events. And we also love the content categorization based on sub-genres.

9. DMY Magazine

As a music company, DMY has much to offer — from music publishing and NFT services to a community for artists, fans, and the industry and a music magazine. The team behind DMY consists of A&Rs, DJs, curators, producers, journalists, and entrepreneurs, all working together to provide quality services and produce engaging content.

In addition to the usual content — industry news, features, and mixes — the magazine regularly features new artists and releases. The editorial staff is also known for producing so-called ‘Best 10’ lists, exploring the best music and artists in various categories and topics. On top of that, DMY is more than eager to receive new music every day, so if you want to be featured in their magazine, feel free to submit your music through the submission process on their website.

10. DJ Mag

DJ Magazine, also known simply as DJ Mag, is by far the oldest magazine on our list. Founded in 1991, it is dedicated to EDM and the DJ culture. Over the 31 years of its existence, the DJ Mag has grown with the industry, covering all the breaking trends and stories, from the importance of Ibiza as a clubbing destination to the role of drugs within the dance music scene.

The magazine underwent many transformations, too. What started as a bi-weekly publication turned into a monthly magazine, with its pilot website launching in 2000. From 2005 on, the magazine started expanding its publication outside the UK, gradually targeting Central and South America, Germany, France, Spain, and finally, the USA.

Nowadays, DJ Mag is available in around 20 different countries, including China, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It covers dance music industry news, regular features, club reviews, music stories, tech features, and coverage of up-and-coming events. In addition, it includes the current ‘Top 100’ lists featuring the best DJs, clubs, and festivals around the world.

What we particularly love about it: Simple and straightforward answer — the ‘100 lists!’

XLR8R (pronounced ‘accelerator’) is a platform that features music, style, culture, and technology. While the online magazine covers a wide range of genres, including indie rock, hip-hop, and reggae/dancehall, electronic music has been at the heart of it ever since its launch in 1993.

Until 2011, XLR8R was also published as a print magazine and distributed internationally. Now, the web-only publication features breaking music and cultural news, editorial features, music reviews, tech insights (in the ‘gear’ section), a podcast, and high-resolution music videos.

12. Trommel Music

Similar to XLR8R, Trommel Music is a media platform and online electronic music magazine that focuses primarily on music, producers, and events from the global underground scene.

The magazine has a truly global feel and reach, covering news and gigs and reviewing music from every corner of the planet. It also releases longer feature stories, runs a podcast series, and operates its own ticketing portal for upcoming global events.

What we particularly love about it: We love Trommel Music's taste! You get access to news and well-curated exclusive premieres from mostly underground music. Happy digging!

13. Dancing Astronaut

We’re finishing this list with another source dedicated mainly to EDM. Dancing Astronaut is a US-American media platform established in 2009 that produces content centered around EDM industry news, music releases, artists, and events. The blog's popularity pretty much grew alongside the importance of local electronic dance music culture and scene. Shortly after its launch, Dancing Astronaut became known as a reliable source of information and insight into the expanding community and industry provided to youth audiences.

To this day, the magazine has maintained its reputation as one of the go-to sources for all things EDM. In 2012, Billboard Magazine named Dancing Astronaut "The voice of the EDM generation," and in 2014, Digital Music News featured it in the "Top 20 Most Influential Music Blogs." Its content covers the latest news, new music, and editorials and showcases and promotes past and future events in the EDM field.

What we particularly love about it: While many sources promote upcoming events, Dancing Astronauts reports on past gigs and performances. These reports are usually presented as photo slideshows and are genuinely wonderful to look at!

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