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iMusician Show 10 || Kate Bush revival, Spotify Playlists & Worries and Other Plants

  • Sue & Nick + Worries and Other Plants
  • 20 June 2022, Monday
  • 8 minutes 20 seconds
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In this week's episode, we talk about the ongoing trend of legacy acts skyrocketing onto the charts with help from TikTok and TV show placements, as we’ve seen recently with Kate Bush being featured on Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Then, we give you tricks to help you grow your Spotify playlists as well as help your cover art stand out from the crowd, helping you find success with your next release. Lastly, we introduce you to rising Swiss psych-rock artist Worries and Other Plants.

Meet the speakers

Portrait of Susann Weinelt
Susann Head of Product Marketing
Nicholas Hazell
Nicholas Online Marketing Manager Video & Community
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