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How to Upload Music to Deezer

Let's take a look at how to upload music to Deezer as an artist, from key facts about the platform to technical requirements you should be aware of.

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Getting Music on Deezer

With over 73 million tracks, 34,000+ radio channels, and 16 million active users, Deezer is one of the leading streaming platforms in Europe, so you’ll be guaranteed that users will be able to find your music. Not sure how to sell music on Deezer? Is there a lot of paperwork to go through? Do they take any kind of music? What’s the deal with rights? It can look complicated but don’t worry, it can be done easily enough.

For Unsigned Artists, Use an Online Digital Distribution Service

It’s easy to get your music on Deezer. But where do you start? It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is create a free account with iMusician and upload your music via your iMusician dashboard. We take care of the rest. No yearly or monthly fee to keep your tracks in stores.

For Artists Signed by a Label

Just ask your label to distribute you on Deezer. Your label’s partner has certainly an agreement with Deezer and will be able to deliver directly. If not, your label will have to contact Deezer.

Note: iMusician has special offers for independent labels.

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How to Upload Music to Deezer?

Follow these 5 easy steps to get your music on Spotify

Start a release with iMusician black button

Create your release and select Deezer in the shop selection

Upload your files with iMusician

Be sure to upload your music files in WAV format, and your artwork with the dimensions 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Add contributors to your release iMusician

Be sure to include the first and last names of all contributors.

QA Team iMusician check

Our QA team will contact you directly if anything needs to be corrected.

Facts About Deezer

Internationally significant

Deezer is the most accessible streaming service worldwide, available in 185+ countries and 9 different languages. If you’re looking to sell your music in every corner of the world such access is an invaluable asset! Compared to its main competitor Spotify which can only be used in 58 countries, Deezer has expanded its reach to conquer new markets.

High quality with Deezer Elite

Thanks to a SONOS partnership, Deezer offers its catalog in high quality. Launched in 2014 in the USA and beginning of 2015 in Europe, this offer allows the users (connected to SONOS only) to listen to all titles in a hi-fi quality.

Focus on content and personalization

Since the beginning, Deezer has always prioritized content and has supported independent artists and labels.

With Deezer playlists and selections, the editorial team selects the best digital releases for you. The recommendation system Flow is a personalized radio based on your preferences and tastes which is very practical if you don’t know what to listen to and if you want to discover new artists.

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How Can We Help You?

To get featured on one of our iMusician playlists, submit your music via our portal directly. Learn everything you need to know about Deezer Playlists in our Deezer Guide for Artists and Labels.

You can upload your music to Deezer by selecting any of iMusicians budget-friendly distribution plans.

Yes, it's called Deezer for Creators, a platform designed to bring artists and music professionals closer to their audience. Deezer's tool lets you analyze and understand your streams from behind the scenes.

If you want to know how to make money on Deezer, you need to understand how money is paid in the music industry’s current climate. There are two main sources of income available to you from Deezer: royalties and revenue. Learn everything you need to know about how to make money on Deezer in our Deezer Guide.

Just like Spotify and other streaming platforms, you can download your favorite content to listen to offline. However, you must be a Deezer Student, Deezer Premium, Deezer Family or Deezer HiFi subscriber to be able to download your favorite content to listen to offline.

Once you release your music on Deezer, you can sign up for Deezer for Creators and verify your artist ID.

Logging into Deezer Backstage is easy:

1. Go to and click Request Access.

2. Complete & submit the Creators form.

3. Wait for Deezer to confirm your identity & give access.

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