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Make Your Songs Shine With Instant Online Audio Mastering

Mastering your music online has never been easier with iMusician. Affordable and professional, a polished and balanced sound is only minutes away, thanks to the power of AI mastering. Give your songs that final touch they need to delight the ears of your fans around the world.

Instant Mastering by iMusician

How Does Online Audio Mastering Work?

There’s nothing quite like hearing your song polished and ready for release, and thanks to AI mastering, this can happen in an instant. Using machine learning, genre-specific mastering options ensure your audio files always sound best-in-class, with no need for expensive mastering studio rates or complex audio processing software. Say hello to the future of music mastering.


AI tailored audio processing gives you the edge

Professional online audio mastering at every budget's reach. Save time and expensive mastering studio costs thanks to the power of AI. Your mastered track ready in minutes and at an affordable price. Get iMusician's Instant Online Mastering as a standalone product or alongside a wide array of tools designed for independent musicians just like you: from music distribution to the ultimate promotion tools to gaining the ears of new fans.

Instant Mastering

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How Can We Help You With Your Mastering?

Instant Mastering is a professional cloud-based mastering software. It uses AI to mimic the techniques and modifications used by mastering studio engineers — but without waiting days or weeks. Through precise EQing and compression, it adds the final polish to your track to make it sound radio and distribution ready. And with its AI-based genre-specific sound profiles, it also ensures that your music sounds best-in-class.

You can’t hurry perfection. That said, Instant Mastering from iMusician averages about 6 to 10 minutes per track. Of course, if you have a longer track, it will take longer to master.

Instant Mastering is an affordable solution for musicians and labels of all levels. Because it has pristine, professional audio quality, you can use Instant Mastering for all tracks you want to sell, stream, and distribute. It’s also a great solution for artists looking to make their demo tracks sound great before sending them to a record label.

If you are a DJ who makes your own edits, Instant Mastering can help your tracks sound perfect and dance floor friendly. And because your audio masters are finished in a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to edit your tracks in the morning and have them ready for the club.

Yes. With mastering you can achieve a more professional, crisp and commercial level sound, ready for playback across all systems and media formats. You want your music to sound great in a club, on the radio, in headphones, and at home? Mastering is the key. It is also a crucial step to ensure a consistent sound between multiple tracks on an EP, album, or mixtape. With Instant Mastering from iMusician, you can achieve this professional audio quality at a fraction of the price of studio mastering and be ready to distribute your music throughout the world.

If you are interested in polishing your sound, you are in the right place. Simply upload your audio files to the iMusician app, choose your genre, and in a matter of minutes you’ll receive high quality, professional masters ready for distribution through our global network. It’s that easy.

Yes. When you master multiple tracks at a time, all tracks receive the same sound attributes and settings. It also ensures that all tracks sound like a complete set, which is ideal when it comes to mastering full EPs or albums.

Yes. When you’re mastering an album, you want all the tracks to sound like a complete set. That’s why we recommend uploading all tracks from an album, single, or EP at one time. This ensures that the same sound profiles, EQ, and compression will be added to all tracks.

Whether you’re mixing your own tracks or working with a mix engineer, your audio files need to be exported as a WAV file with sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz at 16-2crad4 bit. For the optimal sound, we recommend that you leave -6 dBs of headroom. This allows the AI to do detailed EQing and compression of the tracks. The higher your bit rate is, the higher the bitrate of your audio files.

iMusician’s Instant Mastering has created special sound profiles for several of our most popular genres, including: Hip Hop, EDM, Deep House, Electro House, Drum -n- Bass, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Rock/Pop, Metal/Punk, World Music, Classical, and Blues. These sound profiles have been designed to subtly enhance your tracks to ensure they sound best-in-class.

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