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Amazon Music allows users to make AI playlists with a new feature, Maestro

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Amazon Music Maestro - iMusician

As shared on the ‘About Amazon’ website, Amazon Music has introduced a new AI playlist generator, launching its beta version for US customers first.

Playlist generating made fun and easy

Amazon Music’s new app, Maestro, is nothing new, really — there are more than enough AI playlist generators already available in the music market, such as Uppbeat, Playlistable, or PlaylistAI.

Like the ones mentioned above, Maestro’s ultimate purpose is to make it easier for people to generate playlists based on moods, emojis, or other inquiries. All users need to do to get started with their playlist is provide a prompt idea featuring emojis, activities, emotions, sounds, or other prompts suggested by the tool. As a result, one should have a playlist with songs that the AI associates with those inputs generated within an instant.

As Amazon Music implies, Maestro has been developed to help you “create any playlist you can think of — plus all the ones you can’t.” Following are some playful Maestro prompts the Amazon Music team is reportedly loving right now:

  • 😭 and eating 🍝

  • Make my 👶 a genius

  • Myspace era hip-hop

  • 🏜️🌵🤠

As mentioned above, the playlist generator is first rolling out in its beta version. It is currently offered to a small subset of US users on both IOS and Android mobile apps across Free, Prime, and Unlimited Amazon Music tiers. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can generate their playlists and listen to them instantly with the ability to save them for later. Meanwhile, Prime members and ad-supported customers can only access 30-second previews of their playlists before saving.

While solemnly introducing and promoting the new feature, Amazon Music is not afraid to admit there might be bugs and errors along the way. The company quickly indicates that the “technology behind Maestro is new and won’t always get it right the first time,” encouraging users to be patient and understanding.

The development team has also reportedly “systems to proactively block offensive language and inappropriate prompts.” Users are further urged to provide valuable feedback and thus “make Maestro the best and safest experience for everyone.”

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