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AI Music Startup Udio Gets Massive Investment Boost, Supported by Prominent Figures

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Ai Music Startup Udio - iMusician

Former researchers at Google DeepMind have launched a new AI-powered app called Udio, which allows users to create music instantly.

A vast boost from A-lister investors

Although only one of many existing AI music apps, the new development by former DeepMind researchers is backed by a list of prominent figures, securing an investment of 10 million US dollars. The investment list includes a16z, an American venture capital firm, will., Kevin Wall, Common, and Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram.

Udio's purpose is to make it easy for anyone to create the music they want in an instant, whether they are amateurs composing music for memes or professionals striving to create full-length tracks.

According to David Ding, the company's Co-Founder and CEO, Udio offers the best voice quality, musicality, creativity, and ultimate ease of use on the market. Users only need to take a few steps to describe the music genre they want to make, provide personalized lyrics or the subject, and suggest artists who should inspire the music. A fully mastered high-quality audio track should be ready in less than 40 seconds, with users having the option to edit their creations further through the ‘vary’ feature.

While the app has been available in a closed Beta version for some time, its launch comes right after the news broke that over 200 high-profile artists have been demanding protection against AI, calling tech companies to stop developing tools that undermine or completely replace human creatives.

According to Udio’s developers and some outside experts, the new app should not be included among these harmful tools and technologies. Instead, Udio should benefit artists and musicians and simultaneously provide a new way for people to create and enjoy music together. We will probably have to wait to see whether this will be true.

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