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The 4 Best Beat Making Software in 2024

  • 19 January 2022, Wednesday
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Beatmaking is the art of composing on a computer. Beats are at the heart of electronic music and every musician must be able to sketch, compose, and edit beats quickly.

So whether you're an aspiring producer eager to put your ideas to music or a seasoned music lover looking to create quick backing tracks, beat-making software is an essential component in the music creation arsenal.

Music production is a profession, of course, but for millions of enthusiasts, it's also an exciting hobby. Gone are the days when it was reserved for the wealthy. Today, all you need is a computer.

Whatever your intentions, we have compiled a list of the best free beat-making software so that you can get started producing music.

1. GarageBand

GarageBand logo

Compatibility: Mac

GarageBand is a streamlined version of the software Logic Pro X. With its many ultra-intuitive features, GarageBand offers a professional suite of tools for all levels of music production.

Interface: When you open a project, you can choose the style of project you want to load: hip-hop, electronic, multitrack (for recording), or a blank project. Select your option and GarageBand puts together the modules and effects you need.

For beat-making, the Hip-Hop mode is great, with easily editable Smart Drum Kits with samples, beats, and FX. The software is full of intuitive options, each one easier to use than the last.

With its beautiful and professional interface, GarageBand is easy to navigate and even the most novice producers will have no trouble making music.

Content and features: GarageBand doesn't skimp on advanced features. It's full of plug-ins, which are often no less than light versions of Logic's ultra-powerful tools. It offers time-based effects tools, full MIDI compatibility with physical gear, advanced automation controls, and much more to discover.

2. FL Studio

Fl studio logo

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

FL Studio is a pro-level DAW that offers everything you need to become a beatmaker. The free version of FL Studio provides full access to its DAW and all the main plug-ins.

It's important to note what FL Studio doesn't let you do: it doesn't let you open recorded projects. That is, you can use the software continuously, then export the projects to WAV or MP3 format, but you can't reopen them once you've saved them.

Interface: FL Studio's interface has always been one of its greatest assets. Once you're familiar with its clean design, you can easily choose between the Mixer, Track/Waveform view, and other features like automation.

Content/Features: FL Studio is a bit limited when it comes to mixing, but it offers a multitude of feature-rich plug-ins that are easy to control.

For beatmakers, FL Studio includes everything you need in the form of plug-ins, which means you don't need any hardware. It's truly designed for in-the-box production.

3. Studio One 4 Prime

Studio one

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Studio One 4 Prime from PreSonus is a well-known DAW that is more for those who want to record. Nevertheless, this software remains a more than an honorable choice for anyone who wants to produce beats, and its FX and professional processors make it the ideal choice for those who want to produce with sampled or recorded beats.

Interface: Studio One 4 Prime features a very intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It makes it easy to control the DAW's 1GB of samples, 9 plug-ins, and other free controls. Everything can be dragged, dropped, and combined into a seamless workflow. Studio One 3 Prime also allows you to create unlimited audio and MIDI tracks.

Content/Features: Overall, Studio One 4 Prime is a professional DAW. It allows for professional time effects and track automation with pro-level algorithms. It also offers 9 FX and processors including a sampler, which allows you to control free loops and samples, reverbs, EQ, limiters, and compressors. The big drawback of Studio One 4 Prime is that it does not allow third-party VST instruments.

4. Pro Tools First

Pro Tools Logo

Compatibility: Mac and Windows

Ideal for composing beats and samples, recorded music, and MIDI productions, Pro Tools First combines many of the features of Pro Tools 12 into a single freemium model.

For starters, Pro Tools First allows you to create up to 16 audio or MIDI tracks. It also includes over 20 pro-level FX and processors, including several types of compressors, reverbs, EQs, FXs, and other great processors.

The main drawback is that it prevents you from recording more than three projects, and they have to be saved in the Avid cloud. But with a little organization, it is possible to take advantage of the great benefits of this exceptional software without paying a cent.

Interface: The Pro Tools interface isn't the most modern, but it has the advantage of being very easy to use as it offers two main views. The Track view lets you edit and control waveforms, beats and samples, MIDI tracks, and other audio data such as automation. In Mixer View, you can adjust sliders and use other controls to mix levels.

Content/Features: Pro Tools First allows for the composition of sophisticated beats, but only three at a time, and with a limit of 16 tracks. For beatmakers, Pro Tools First comes with Xpand, an awesome software synthesizer and beat plug-in with hundreds, if not thousands, of presets.


We've just reviewed four of the best free beat-making software and we honestly can't say that there's a winner. They all have their pros and cons and will appeal to different types of producers. One thing is for sure: with any of these programs, and a little bit of perseverance and creativity, you can create sensational beats.

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