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Best Classical Music Blogs and Websites in 2024

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Best Classical Music Blogs 2024 - iMusician

Staying up-to-date with the events and happenings in the music industry is what most musicians strive to do, as it helps them better navigate the changes in the industry and make informed decisions.

The classical music field, however, is often overlooked in popular contemporary sources, making it more difficult for classical musicians to retrieve important information.

In this article, we’re giving all our love to the classical music genre, looking into the best classical music blogs and websites out there! Let’s dive in!

1. Slippedisc

By no surprise does Slippedisc call itself the ‘#1 Classical Music News Site.’ Founded in 2007 by author and broadcaster Norman Lebrecht, the page attracts around two million visitors each month, guiding them through ‘swift and reliable inside information on classical music and related arts.’

Besides the latest industry news, Slippedisc also dives into new and old classical recordings (you can read all about them in the ‘album of the week’ section), unique features in the ‘editor’s choice’ column, and remembrances of late musicians.

On top of all the written content, Lebrecht also runs a podcast where he sits down with guests and has conversations on various topics from the world of classical music.

2. iMusician – Classical Music Category

At iMusician, we strive to cover the broadest range of topics, including classical music. As one of few digital distributors that distribute classical music, we’re aware of the intricacies that come with recording, producing, releasing, distributing, and promoting classical music.

Our blog is, therefore, a great platform to seek valuable advice, tips, and tricks on how to boost your music journey and advance in your career as a classical music artist.

3. Classical Music

Classical Music is a sub-magazine run by the well-known BBC music magazine, bringing even more information than the Slippedisc. From industry news to music reviews, editorial features exploring a variety of topics, to a podcast — there’s just so much different content that readers can get into.

Additionally, there are columns dedicated to live classical music from around the world, the prominent London-based classical music festival, BBC Proms, as well as the latest classical music awards hosted by the BBC.

Those wanting to receive even more information can subscribe to the free Classical Music weekly newsletter, which is filled with more features, news, and reviews.

4. Classic FM

As the name suggests, Classic FM is primarily a UK-based radio specializing in classical music. In fact, it hit the airwaves more than 30 years ago, back in 1992. Besides that, however, it also operates as a blog that provides its readers with in-depth articles on everything happening in the industry.

Visually, the blog very much resembles the previously mentioned one, Classical Music, focusing primarily on news, music discovery, composers, artists, classical competitions, and live events. Unlike Classical Music, however, Classic FM operates not one but multiple podcasts, allowing users to choose what type of content they want to listen to.

5. San Francisco Classical Voice

The San Francisco Classical Voice takes us from the UK across the ocean to the US, focusing more on the classical music industry of San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can read through previews and reviews, features, artist spotlights, music news, or videos and explore the event calendar for upcoming live performances.

The content there is also searchable by genre. However, we recommend searching for specific content types as the blog has structured content for only three genres: dance, jazz, and opera (although it covers other genres, too).

The San Francisco Classical Voice was first established in 1998 by a former print journalist, Robert Commanday, to ‘serve the arts community and its audiences with the highest-quality, free, original journalism.’ The blog, therefore, strongly emphasizes the quality and character of the content, often delving into long-form articles (especially in the ‘features’ and ‘artists spotlight’ sections).

6. The Violin Channel

The Violin Channel is probably the most profound and creatively richest of all the blogs listed. While primarily focusing on string sections (as the name suggests), it goes into incredible depth within its content.

Besides industry news, it provides an opinion section, diving into the topics more in-depth. It also presents specialized columns on career and learning, supplying readers with valuable advice on playing technique, seeking formal education, and participating in classical music competitions.

Finally, it delves into instrument insights and the tech side of the industry, exploring the newest and brightest inventions (there aren’t so many in the field, to be honest).


That’s right — there are two online magazines named Classical Music. What’s the difference so as not to get them confused? The one we mentioned before focuses on the global classical music industry, while this one narrowly specializes in covering the UK scene.

Run by a small editorial team, claims to be the ‘only dedicated magazine and website for the Classical Music industry in the UK.’ Similarly to the blogs before, it structures content into news, in-depth opinions, features, and so-called ‘in focus’ sections. There, the blog showcases the most prominent classical music influencers, promoters, and managers and introduces the newest legislation in the field.

8. Classics Today

While also providing general content, Classics Today is prominent and incredibly valuable mostly for its music reviews. In fact, the site boasts itself with daily reviews of recordings, composers, conductors, soloists, orchestras/ensembles, and even live performances. The blog also highlights a select group of best recordings every month.

The editorial section then includes music news, feature articles on major reissues, artist interviews, comparative discographies, and rather comprehensive opinion pieces on individual recordings.

9. Ludwig Van

We’re concluding our list with a blog with a funny name specializing in the Canadian classical music market, focusing particularly on Toronto and Montréal. Ludwig Van Toronto/Montréal is the go-to blog for anyone interested in what’s going on in classical music throughout Canada.

It offers access to the latest local news, exciting feature stories, and upcoming concerts in the area.


While the list could definitely go on, we felt that other sources are either repetitive, not comprehensive enough, or both. We’ve, therefore, compiled a list of what we believe are the top 9 best classical music blogs and websites, allowing artists like yourself to stay informed and receive information important to their advancement and career.

If you’re interested in more classical music content, don’t hesitate to read some of our most recent pieces, including the articles on classical music crossover, how to make money as a classical musician, and top cities every classical artist should once visit.

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