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Everything to know about Amazon Music for Artists

  • 06 January 2022, Thursday
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Amazon music for artists imusician guide

What is Amazon Music for Artists? This is a brand-new app where you can see your data, playlists, and how you perform as an artist on Amazon Music. Below we'll break down how to request your account profile, how to update your profile picture on Amazon Music, how to pitch your track for the editorial team, and give you a rundown of the ins and outs of the platform.

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What is Amazon Music?

South berkeley amazon music artist profile

Amazon Music (previously Amazon MP3) is a music streaming platform and online music store run by Amazon. In September, 2019, Amazon Music launched Amazon Music HD, a new streaming service with a catalog of more than 50 million songs in High Definition and Ultra High Definition. With more than 55 million listeners, Amazon is still the place to be alongside their competitors Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music.

Amazon Music also offers a large range of playlists allowing artists to be featured and discovered through the platform. If you’re a fan of french rap, you might have a listen to “La Crème Rap Français”:

La creme rap francais amazon music playlist

How to request your profile on Amazon Music for Artists?

If you have your music on Amazon Music, you can request your profile on the Amazon Music for Artists website or through the mobile app.

How to claim your artist profile on Amazon Music?

Click on "Claim an artist" and type your artist name to look for your Amazon profile page. Once you've found it, click on the blue "Claim" button.

Now, add your company or artist name and role:

- Artist

- Manager

- Label

Then, Log in with one of your social media accounts to prove to Amazon Music that you're the official artist, manager, or label.

To help Amazon Music approve your request, list any other information relevant to granting you access. This step is not mandatory, so if you want, you can leave it blank. Then, click "Submit".

At this point, your claim will be pending and you'll receive the first confirmation from Amazon Music for Artists by email that they received your request. After a few days, they'll inform you whether or not you are granted access or if they require more information from you.

Which data can you see on Amazon Music for Artists?

This is split into 5 different tabs.

  • Overview
  • Songs
  • Fans
  • Voice
  • Programming


Kill her first amazon music for artists

The overview page gives you, as you might expect, an overview of your streams, listeners, top albums and songs, the source of streams, and the playlists you've featured on.


Top songs kill her first amazon music for artists

You can find your top songs by the number of streams. You also have the ability to filter by a specific timeframe.


Fans amazon music for artists kill her first

The fans tab gives you insights into the demographics of your listeners. This will allow you to learn about your fans and SUPERFANS, and tell you geographically where they are.


Voice amazon music for artists

Now on to the Voice tab: What is it?

This is something related to Alexa. Not only does the app display an artist’s total number of voice requests, it shows details about the various ways people request songs by artist, album, song, or lyrics. “Alexa, play Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen” and boom, one request for Queen.


Programming amazon music for artists

Finally, the Programming tab is where you’ll see the playlists or stations your tracks were, or are, currently featured on. This is a fast and easy way to discover this information in order to create content to share with your fans on social media.

How to update your profile photo and background image on Amazon Music?

Easy! Within the Amazon Music for Artists app you have a few artist tools where you can update your photo and background.

Amazon music for artists website screenshot

Go to Amazon Music for Artists with your login to have access to your profile.

Amazon music for artists update photo

Click on "Profile & Tools".

Add profile photo amazon music for artists

Upload your min. 500x500 pixels photo.

Add background image amazon music for artists

Upload your 1920x1440 pixels background image or photo.

You're all set to pitch your track to the official editorial team at Amazon Music!

How to pitch a track to Amazon Music?

New releases amazon music for artists pitch a track

Amazon Music offers artists the ability to pitch a track through their Amazon Music for Artists app. The convenience compared to Spotify for Artists is that you can pitch a track up to 14 days after its release date! Great news for artists who are running late in their promotion schedule. Learn more on the Amazon Music Promotion website.

How does it work?

  1. Open the Amazon Music for Artists app and select "New Releases"
  2. Choose a track (you'll see them there before its released and up to 14 days after)
  3. Write your pitch
  4. Choose the genre (up to 3)
  5. Specify if your track includes lyrics and in which language
  6. Review and submit

We wish you all the success you deserve on Amazon Music.

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