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Deezer for labels

  • 06 November 2020, Friday
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If you run a label, you want more followers and plays for your artists, as well as more exposure for the label itself. Deezer is a great place to achieve all this; gaining visibility for your entire catalog and brand image.

Here are some points we will deal with in this chapter:

  • Create a personalized user profile for your label
  • Define your visuals
  • Follow your artists
  • Create your own playlists
  • Increase your followers and get submissions
  • Use Deezer Backstage to analyse your statistics and data
  • Replicate your strategy on other platforms

How to create a label profile on Deezer

You can either create a new account on Deezer with your label email address, or use your personal address and choose the tariff plan (freemium or premium) you want to use. You can then choose or edit your username to match your label name, and you’re done!

There isn’t currently a phase to certify or verify your profile on Deezer. You just use it as a normal user.

Deezer Profile Epitaph Records

Define your visuals

It is very important to define the branding of your Deezer profile. In the same way as for your social networks, the professionalism of your profile resides a lot on the design of your visuals.

For each playlist you create, Deezer generates a default mosaic from the covers of the first four tracks on the playlist. You can change this visual whenever you want. Make sure the designs of your playlist artwork are consistent, eye-catching – and most importantly, look great.

Follow your artists

This may sound obvious but you should always follow your artists. You’ll be able to find them easily by clicking on “Artists” in your profile account:

5 Deezer artist profile preview images

A bonus of following your artists is being able to find them in your Flow playlist when their new releases are published. This can be useful to see if those profiles are up-to-date or if new assets are needed.

Create your own playlists on Deezer

It is essential to create your own playlists. If you don’t know how to create one, head back to chapter 4.2. for a full run-through.

For a label, a good place to start is by creating a full list of tracks showcasing your entire catalog. You can then move on to making more focused playlists, like a new releases playlist, for example.

Be as imaginative and creative as you can. Collaborative playlists are well worth exploring too. Teaming up with a magazine or brand you admire opens up their fans to your label’s music.

4 playlists Deezer Krod Records

Pro tip: This tip comes from the Deezer team themselves: Choose your first two tracks wisely, and remember to keep your playlists updated and fresh.

Growing your followers and getting submissions on Deezer

To promote your label and artists on Deezer, share the news via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) Add display links on your label’s website and ask your artists to do the same. Consistency across all your marketing channels is key. Read our full do’s and don’ts guide to social media marketing for musicians.

Another quick way to get playlist followers is to accept external submissions of tracks. Soundplate has created the perfect tool for this. You just have to submit your playlist (paying a €15 fee to accelerate the process) and they will create a custom online page where people can submit their songs and automatically follow your playlist. Tried, tested, and approved by iMusician!

Rap and Electro iMusician playlists on Soundplate

Using Deezer Backstage to analyze your label’s statistics and data

Following the steps from chapter 3, you should now be able to log into your Deezer Backstage account. This is the place to dive deep into your data. But how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

You can check the daily, weekly, or monthly data of your artists, tracking which releases are performing well, plus where in the world they’re getting the best results. You can even filter by country to better understand how your artists are connecting with fans in different locations.

Deezer Backstage Most Streamed Artists

Replicating your strategy on other platforms

Now you know how to build a strong digital strategy, you can replicate your playlist and curator strategy on other streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more.

We highly recommend checking out the app Soundiiz. It helps you connect your label profiles on all the streaming platforms. Using Soundiiz, you only have to update one streaming platform and all linked platforms will synchronize and be updated too – a huge time saver!

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Have a look at a selection of label pages we follow:

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