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Are My Tracks Eligible for YouTube Content ID?

With YouTube's Content ID monetization, you can earn revenue from videos that contain tracks you've distributed with us. Based on their detection algorithm, YouTube will automatically generate claims against other user's content that include your music (could also be your own channel; more on this here).

However, before you order anything, it's important to check and confirm whether your music fits the eligibility criterias set by YouTube.

  • The track is not based on non-exclusive beats (i.e. any purchased or free beats)
  • The track doesn’t contain samples (i.e. non-exclusive samples)
  • The track doesn't contain any sort of nature sound samples
  • The track doesn't contain more than 10 seconds of spoken word material
  • The track is not a cover version, medley or remix of a song from another artist
  • The track is not a recording of a live performance or speech
  • The track doesn’t contain Creative Commons content
  • The track is not a traditional song or a public domain composition
  • The track is not taken from a soundtrack (i.e. video games, tv or films)
  • The track has not already been distributed for CID by another distributor
  • The track is not an alternate version of a track already distributed for CID by the same artist (instrumental, acoustic, edit, self-remix, etc)

When ordering the Content ID, you will be requested to confirm that your tracks are matching the eligbility criterias in order to complete the order.

It's very important that you make sure that your content fits these criterias as we reserve the right to reject your order without a refund if your tracks do not adhere to YouTube's eligibility guidelines. If everything's in order and your content is eligibile, the CID monetization will be activated on the day that your release goes live on the platforms.

If you want more details, you can refer to Youtube's official guidelines here.