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Can I change my artist name?

Yes, you can change your artist name. However, there are some important points to consider depending on the status of your release. You can find the status of your release on the page of your release in your library:

Scenario 1: Release is still “In quality check”

• Go to your release library

• Select the release you want to modify

• Under Music Distribution click ‘Manage’

• From there hit the ‘Request change’ button and update your artist name

Scenario 2: Release is “In delivery” or “Delivered”

• Follow steps 1-4 from above

• Get in touch with us and provide the following details:

1. Your new artist name (please refer to our formatting guidelines)

2. Links to your artist profiles on streaming platforms, if available

3. Links to your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, or website) reflecting your new name, if applicable

We will update your artist name in your iMusician artist library and notify all streaming and download platforms to update it accordingly. Please note that this process may take several weeks to reflect across all platforms, and we cannot guarantee that all platforms will make the change.

Will my streams and playlist additions get lost?

No, nothing will get lost. Your streaming data, playlist placements, and downloads are stored in your ISRCs (International Standard Recording Codes), ensuring that you do not lose any streaming stats during the name change process.

Learn more about how to contact our team.