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Can I monetize third-party uploads only and exclude my own YouTube channel?

If you prefer to exclude your own YouTube channel from monetization through iMusician while monetizing third-party uploads, you have the option to allowlist your channel. This ensures that only revenue generated from third-party uploads is monetized under our Content ID service.

How to allowlist your YouTube channel

To exclude your own YouTube channel from our monetization efforts, you need to be subscribed to one of our AMPLIFY plans. Here’s how you can proceed:

Contact us: Navigate to the “Need Help” section in your iMusician dashboard. Select “Ask” at the top and choose “YouTube” from the dropdown menu.

Our Artists & Labels Relations team has access to your releases and can assist you with allowlisting your YouTube channel.

Already claimed videos?

If we have already claimed videos from your channel for monetization through our Content ID service before you added your channel to the allowlist, don’t worry. Simply provide us with the links to these videos when you contact us. Our team will promptly remove the relevant claims so that your channel operates according to your preferences.

This process ensures that you can manage monetization effectively across your channels while benefiting from iMusician’s comprehensive distribution services.

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