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Can iMusician pitch my song to official editorial playlists?

Securing a spot on editorial playlists across platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, or Beatport is every musician’s dream. At iMusician, we've been making this happen for many of our artists, and we want to do the same for you. To leverage this opportunity, it's crucial that you're invested in your craft, create quality music, and work on expanding your audience with a clear artistic profile and vision for the future.

How can I access the editorial playlist pitching feature?

• AMPLIFY+ subscribers: All your releases can be considered for editorial playlist pitching at no additional cost.

• AMPLIFY and Free plan users: The feature can be purchased for a one-time fee on a per-release basis, applicable only to that specific release.

How do I opt-in for editorial playlist pitching?

• During release upload, opt-in for editorial playlist pitching in Step 1 "Delivery".

• Select a release date that is at least 20 working days in the future, to give our team enough time to review your track.

• Select a focus track on Step 4 "Extra Features" to help the editorial team identify the standout song from your release.

Once you select "Editorial playlist pitching" in Step 1, the release date calendar will automatically adjust and earlier dates will not be available. These dates cannot be selected because your release must be delivered at least 20 working days in advance of your chosen release date, so our team has enough time to check out your music and organize the pitching process.

Please note: Opting in for our editorial playlist pitching feature does not guarantee that your track will be pitched to the editorial playlists. It ensures that our playlist team will listen to your music. If your release meets our quality standards, we'll contact you for more information and attempt to pitch it. You will hear back from us in any case.

For delivery to Spotify, it is absolutely not recommended that you pitch the same release yourself via Spotify for Artists if you’re already in our editorial playlist pitching process.

Additional notes:

• Tracks already delivered to the shops as part of a previous release cannot be selected as a focus track.

• Two releases by the same artist cannot be in the editorial playlist pitching process simultaneously. Your second release must have a release date after the previous release, and can’t be pitched until the previous release date is met.

What should I know before opting in?

This feature is ideally suited for artists who already have established artist profiles on the shops, existing release(s) with some streams, and a growing fan base. It's important for you to have a clear vision of your musical project and the ability to express it. This should come through in your visuals and your artist profiles on Spotify and such.

This also means that this feature may not be suitable for artists with their first-ever release on any platforms or those who have yet to achieve significant streams or sales of their music. In such cases, we offer excellent content and promotional tools to help you build your presence.