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How can I be Sure that My Release will be Published on the Correct Artist Profile?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you want to release your music and someone else already has the name? Do you know how to avoid your music ending up on the wrong artist profile? 

From now on it will be easier than ever to make sure your music gets to the right profile!

When you create your release you’ll be asked to add an artist name:

Once selected, you can tell us if you already have an existing artist page on iTunes and on Spotify, or if we need to create a new one for you:

If you state that you already have an existing artist profile, the system will show you the list of all the artists matching that name, so you will be able to find yours. To confirm it's you, both iTunes and Spotify will show the last release distributed on your artist profile:

If you do not have any existing artist profile, simply click “no” and we’ll make sure to create an artist ID for you absolutely free.

When you are done, click on “Create new artist”.

Simple, isn’t it?