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How can I distribute my music on specific electronic online shops such as Beatport & Traxsource?

You will also need to register your label on those stores. To do that, please provide us with:

1. For Beatport: 

  • name of the label;
  • logo of the label (1500x1500 pixel) matching the label name.
If you don't have your own label, you will need to choose our label, iM Electronica. Please select Dance/Electronic or HipHop as genre.

2. For Traxsource: 

  • name of the label;
  • SoundCloud link of you label.
If you don't have your own label, you will need to choose our label, iM Electronica. Please only select House, Deep-House or Tech-House only as genre.
As soon as your label page has been created, you can request changes via this form.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind:
  • In order to distribute on Beatport and/or Traxsource, you need to be on our AMPLIFY+ plan.
  • The creation of your label and the approval from those shops can take up to one month.
  • The platforms do not allow the same label name to be used twice, so please make sure that your desired label name does not exist already.
  • If you've already registered your label on our platform, you don't need to register it again. It will automatically appear among the other labels in Release details - label section - of your dashboard.
Please remember that, unlike most stores, Beatport doesn't allow you to create an artist profile using the same name as an existing artist (for example, John Smith). If you want to have a separate artist page, you might want to add a country abbreviation or something similar to your artist name, for example "John Smith (IT)" or “John Smith (FR)”. In this case you have to create a separate release on iMusician, only for Beatport (using the artist name + the abbreviation as explained above) and contact us -  we’ll offer it for free!