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How Can I Manage My Orders and Invoices?

Your invoices can be found your dashboard under "Account" -> "Order overview" where you can see their status and creation date*. From there, you can also pay or cancel an open order:

  1. Cancelling an open order

If you cancel an open invoice, the corresponding order will also be cancelled.

  1. Paying an open order

If you wait too long/fail to pay your invoice it will be automatically removed from your account after some time. Don't worry though, you'll receive a reminder via e-mail before that happens, just make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

  1. Finalizing an open order

If you've added items to your basket, anything that's unpaid will automatically be removed after 2 days. Therefore:

  • If you were ordering the distribution of a release, you will have to re-select the desired shops, release date, regions and YouTube Content ID;
  • If you were ordering some Instant Mastering, you can go to the "Products" section of your dashboard where you will find a link to your unfinished order.

*To download your invoices, you need to first complete your data in the "Profile" section.