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How do I request changes or modifications to my release?

Modifications can be made for any submitted release. However, please note that certain elements cannot be altered once your release has been approved and delivered:

• The number of tracks

• The track order

• The ISRCs and the barcode

Other changes like updating a track name, changing the artwork or modifying the shop selection are ok!

Please note: A change requires a minimum of 4 working days to process. Any change requested less than 4 working days before the release date may not be completed in time.

How do I request a modification?

• Go to your release library

• Select the release you want to modify

• Under Music Distribution click ‘Manage’

• From there hit the ‘Request change’ button

From there you have two options:

• AMPLIFY+ members can request modifications to any release at no extra cost

• AMPLIFY and Free plan members can request a change by paying a one-time fee to activate the feature. Please note: after payment, you'll gain access to a button to contact customer support directly on that page. Once you click the “Manage” button, you'll be automatically redirected to our messenger tool, where you can request modifications.