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How does the iMusician referral program work?

1. What is the referral program? 

With this program, any member of the iMusician community can invite their friends to join iMusician to discover our services at a reduced price. But that’s not all! As soon as your friend pays their first invoice, you get promo credits!

2. How does it work? 

a. You’ll find your your personal referral link on your dashboard:

You can also find it in “Your account” -> "Referral Dashboard"

b. Copy the link.

c. Send it to your friend(s) or share it on your social media.

By clicking on the link, your friend(s) will be redirected to the iMusician sign up page. They will be able to create a new account, and start to release their music or buy an iMusician service. The discount will be automatically applied to the invoice upon checkout. As soon as your friend(s) pay(s) the invoice, 5€ promo credits will be added to your iMusician account*.

Please note that as a referrer: 

  • You can share your personalized link with several referees; 
  • You’ll get promo credits only when the referee pays their first invoice.

Please not that as a referee: 

  • The discount will be automatically applied to your first invoice (you won’t receive promo credits); 
  • There is no minimum amount for your first invoice. You can buy music distribution or instant mastering and still get the discount on that first order.

*Promo credits might vary depending on the region.