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How to add my own label name to my release?

The name of your label can be added when creating your release at the "Release" step:

If you are currently on our AMPLIFY+ plan, you have the possibility of creating up to 10 custom labels which you can name and assign to your releases.

If you are currently on our AMPLIFY plan / Free plan, your release will be assigned to an iMusician label. This label contains an iMusician prefix and a section which you can rename: iMusician | "XXXX"

Please note the following:

  • The iMusician prefix can't be removed if your release is assigned to the iMusician label; 
  • Custom labels generated prior to our subscriptions will remain available, regardless of the plan you're currently on;
  • Custom labels generated prior to our subscriptions are not counted in the limit of 10 available for AMPLIFY+;
  • Custom labels created while on an AMPLIFY+ subscription will only be available as long as you maintain said subscription.

If you wish to find more detailed information about the options each subscription can offer, please have a look at our pricing page.