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What are iMusician's Amps?

iMusician's Amps are a recurring monthly reward exclusively designed for our AMPLIFY+ members.

How do I earn Amps?

As an AMPLIFY+ member, you automatically earn Amps every month at no extra cost. It's our way of showing gratitude for your loyalty. You will earn 100 Amps every month.

Is there a limit to how many Amps I can accumulate?

There's no limit! You can accumulate Amps month after month, as long as you remain an active AMPLIFY+ subscriber.

What can I do with my earned Amps?

Amps can be used to offset costs for various products, including Digital Music Distribution and Instant Mastering, providing you with tangible value for your subscription! Here’s how you can use your Amps:

1. Digital Music Distribution

  • Single: 400 Amps
  • EP: 600 Amps
  • Album: 800 Amps

2. Instant Mastering

  • Per track: 400 Amps

3. YouTube Content ID

  • Per track: 50 Amps

How can I use the Amps I collected?

Do I need to take any action to receive Amps?

You only need to keep your AMPLIFY+ subscription. No further action is required on your part. Amps are automatically credited to your account, making it a seamless and hassle-free process.

Where can I check how many Amps I have?

Your Amps will be displayed on your dashboard, close to your account.

Is there an expiration date for my earned Amps?

Your earned Amps remain available for use as long as you maintain an active AMPLIFY+ subscription. However, please note that if you decide to cancel your subscription, any unused Amps will expire.

How can I start benefiting from Amps?

Simply become an AMPLIFY+ member and watch your Amps accumulate effortlessly, enhancing the value of your subscription and supporting your music journey.

Please note: Amps are not promo credits.

Limited time offer 📣

If you are subscribed to either AMPLIFY or AMPLIFY+, we created some special Amps packages designed to match specific release and distribution strategies. These packages are available at a 25% discount compared to our regular Digital Music Distribution pricing for the included releases.

IMPORTANT: while the Amps packages offer strategic recommendations, they can be used for any release or even Instant Mastering. After this offer ends, Amps can only be earned as rewards through an AMPLIFY+ subscription, so act now to enhance your music strategy.

These are the available packages:

EP Booster: Amps for 2 singles and 1 EP

Perfect for building up to your EP release

Album Enhancer: Amps for 3 singles and 1 album

Ideal for planning your album launch

Playlist Promoter: Amps for 12 singles

Follow the Spotify rule and release a single every month for a full year