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What is Instant Mastering and How Does it Work?

Instant Mastering from iMusican is a quality online mastering option for amateur musicians and independent record companies. Our AI technology uses machine learning to mimic the same processes and sounds used by studio mastering engineers to elevate the sound quality of your tracks.

Whether you’re mixing your own tracks or working with a mixing engineer, your audio files need to be exported as a WAV file with sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96 kHz at 16-24 bit. For the optimal sound, we recommend that you leave -6 dBs of headroom. This allows the AI to do detailed EQing and compression of the tracks. The higher your bit rate is, the higher the bitrate of your audio files.

Here’s how to master your tracks with iMusician’s Instant Mastering:

1. From the ‘Products’ page of your iMusician Dashboard, select the tracks you want to master and click on ‘Mastering options’.

2. Select the genre and adjust the mastering options.

3. When you like the result click on the ‘Preview & compare’ button. Your tracks will be mastered in a few minutes. You will be notified as soon as the mastering is done. Once it is, if you like the result, click on the “Purchase” button.

Please note that Instant Mastering is 100% free to try. You only pay for tracks once you click on “Purchase”. If you listen to your preview and think it’s not quite there yet, we recommend changing your genre or sound attribute settings and previewing it again.4. After clicking on “Purchase” you will be redirected to the shopping basket, where you will be able to finalize the purchase.

5. After a few minutes (10-15), the mastered tracks will be automatically added to your tracks library. You’ll recognize them thanks to the “M” symbol next to them. From there, you can download the WAV files to your hard drive or distribute it directly through iMusician by adding them to an open release.

Please note that the mastered files will preserve the sample rate of the unmastered files. For instance, if you uploaded an unmastered WAV file at 96 kHz with a 16 bit sample rate, your mastered file will be in WAV format at 96 kHz with a 16 bit sample rate.