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What is Music Analytics?

1. What is Music Analytics?

Music Analytics is a tool that allows you to keep an eye on two types of data: Trends and Revenues. But what exactly do these datas represent?

1.1 Revenues 

Revenues are the sales performance (streams and downloads) your releases and tracks have generated. As soon as the music starts earning royalties and we receive sales numbers from the shops (typically a 3-4 month delay from real-time) this data becomes available on your dashboard. 

1.2 Trends

In short, it helps you visualize the performance of your music in (almost) real time. Through clear charts and tables, you can gain insights into how your music is performing across various platforms, countries, devices, sources and genders, for time periods of your choice.

Please note: this data is a trend, meaning that it has a typical delay of 2-5 days from real-time and is not definitive. That is why trend numbers can differ from your sales.

2. How can I get Music Analytics?

Music Analytics is now a part of our AMPLIFY and AMPLIFY+ subscription plans. The easiest way to get it is to subscribe from the tab “Music Analytics”: