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Why Your Music Career Isn't Taking Off

You feel as if you're doing everything right and are convinced that you're producing quality music but you're not being as successful in your music career as you'd like. Sometimes, it's hard to understand what is preventing your success. In short, why isn't your career taking off? As you must be aware, in today's world, making "good" music is not enough. You have to work on your music marketing. But what, in fact, does this mean? If you're still waiting for your music career to start generating a buzz, the reason is most probably one of the seven I've listed below!
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YouTube for Musicians: 7 Tips to Boost Your Online Visibility

YouTube has tightened up the rules for monetization in recent years. Unless you use a Content ID provider (like iMusician, check out our YouTube monetization service), you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of viewing time in twelve months, and 10,000+ views on your channel to enable ads and monetize your videos. So it's important to have a solid strategy for your channel, so you can increase two essential factors: the number of subscribers and the viewing time. To help with this, we asked Guillaume from Musical Marketing for his 7 tips on boosting your YouTube channel.
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