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Swarupa iMusician

Let us introduce Swarupa to you:

What's your job at iMusician?

At iMusician, I am a DevOps Engineer - responsible for developing, running, and maintaining the Cloud Infrastructure.

When and how did you join iMusician?

I joined iMusician in Oct 2019 after discovering the company through a job portal. The job description looked promising and suited my skill set, so I applied. In the first interview, we got to know each other a bit, and shortly after I moved to the next phase, a live code challenge (that was successful), and subsequently, I talked with HR and finally the CEO, before joining the team. All communication was well organized and the interview process went smoothly.

What do you enjoy about working at iMD?

I enjoy the work at iMusician and collaborative work sessions, the transparency and friendly nature of the team, and working to achieve a common goal.

Tell us about your typical work day. Do you have rituals?

My Day starts with checking the production environment to make sure everything is in line and working as expected. Next, I have a daily meeting with the tech team to discuss current challenges and ongoing tasks to meet our sprint goals.

What was the biggest challenge you overcame during this time?

The biggest challenge I have faced is Automating the Infrastructure using terraform, so the manual intervention is minimal. To achieve this, we have made a lot of efforts in creating the terraform scripts which we run in staging to assure it is working well and as expected. Prior to the above process, we have documented all the steps keeping the production migration in mind.

One hiccup we faced during the production migration was the dynamodb data migration which was very slow due to the huge amount of data. It got solved using a data pipeline bigger instance with a high throughput ratio.

What would be the tips you would give to someone aspiring to do the job you do?

Devops is an ocean - you have to keep learning and be on pace with the latest technologies and trends! Also to be transparent, optimistic, and supportive to the team.

What do you do in your free time?

I love reading and cooking, it is one of my favorite hobbies, something I do for fun.

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