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For studio mastering, iMusician partners with Dave Locke at JP Masters. Based in Seattle, USA, Dave has been mastering music for DIY artists and independent labels since 1994. His ears and aesthetic touch can be heard in a wide variety of music genres. With more than 25 years experience, JP Masters has become one of the most trusted mastering engineers in the business today.


With studio mastering with JP Masters, each song is painstakingly mastered until it’s perfect. And if you're ready to master a full album, they work across all tracks to create a cohesive sound throughout the whole album. Dave also uses analog and digital gear to give your tracks the warmth of analog with the precision of digital to ensure your music always sounds pristine. Plus, JP Masters is certified by Apple to create Apple Digital Masters for high resolution masters upon request.

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Describe your sound

After you purchase through iMusician, you’ll receive an email from Dave. You can discuss the ideal sound and feel of your project.

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Upload your music.

Upload your WAV/AIFFs to a secure upload area. If there are problems with your mix, you’ll receive feedback from the JP Masters team.

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Tweak till it’s perfect.

Within a few days, you’ll receive your mastered tracks. Need some tweaks? No problem. A round of revisions is included in the price.

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Release globally with iMusician.

With pro-perfect tracks, you’re ready to release through iMusician — and mastered tracks by JP Masters are ideal for high rez shops.

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"After floating between several different distributors, I was delighted to discover iMusician! Their interface looks great and is incredibly easy to use. Their customer support is brilliant - I've received quick, friendly and helpful responses every single time. The one-off payment model means my music stays in stores forever without having to worry about yearly subscription fees. Overall, I have felt supported and positive throughout the whole process."


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2 / 6

"I had a few email exchanges with the French managers of iMusician who guided me through the first months for my releases. They gave me the necessary tools to succeed from the start and after some months, I quickly understood that it was possible to make a living from my music"


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3 / 6

"iMusician is a unique music distribution company that specializes in the kind of careful, conscious, hands-on involvement with the artists they distribute in a way that is uber rare in today's climate. In a saturated world where putting out independent music can be daunting and overwhelming; the young, hip, passionate, personable, and approachable music-marketing-guru iMusician staff make putting out music a career building adventure."

Danielle Duval

4 / 6

"Working with iMusician felt good for us right from the start, so we release our music exclusively through iMusician. We have a personal contact person who knows our music and requirements very well and who supports us professionally at all times."


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5 / 6

"iMusician fits our dynamic release strategy, has a team of competent professionals and impresses with a reliable and transparent service."

Baba Shrimps

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6 / 6

"It's important for me to know the people I'm working with, even more if they distribute my music. That's what I like with iMusician: the team is very friendly and their door is always open to help artists, receive feedback, and enhance their services."




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